Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Let’s Get To Work

Many young girls are excellent assistants, dedicated, helpful, and as the popular saying goes “jack of all trades.” But when they become Pastor’s’ wives, they fall into the sad mistake of thinking that now that they have reached a certain position, they don’t need to do certain things in the church, but when they were assistant they did with all their love.
I’m sorry to inform you that this is not so.
Serving is a privilege and from the moment you stop doing it, you stop being used by the Holy Spirit.
It is obvious that today we have very well structured churches, with many assistants and assistant Pastors and the pastor’s wife does not need to do certain things, because thanks to God we have several people to help and each task is divided.
On the other hand, there are smaller places with fewer assistants, or probably with none, and this will require a greater effort from the pastor’s wife. She will need to clean the church, take care of the children during the meetings, anoint the ladies in the meeting of healing, in other words, take care of every detail, to welcome the people of God.
Serving God is not only doing what pleases you, but what is necessary. I know that often the work of the pastor’s wife is not known, many have no concept how she gives of herself, the obligations that are upon her, and how she takes care of her house, of the meals, of her husband’s clothes, of her children, and still contribute with the tasks in the church.
The spirit of a servant can never leave us, or get lost along the way, when we lose it, we no longer  serve God. So be prepared, The work of God is very big and needs people who are totally willing to serve as He determines and not how it’s convenient to us. If you do not need to do certain things, its okay, but if you have to do it, God knows he can count on you.
When a person remains active in the work of God, she does not get distracted with things that surround her, or with the things of the world. Now, when she becomes inactive, she begins to look around, she begins to spend time with things that do not build her, whether watching too much television, accessing the internet, worrying to much about her life, wanting things that are not important or worrying with the future and tomorrow. This is a trap of the devil and becomes dangerous. This way, we must always keep busy with the work of God, so that our eyes do not diverge, because then this will be our fall.
Those who guard a fig tree will eat its fruit, and those who protect their masters will be honored.” Proverbs 27:18.


Nosithembiso Mvalo said...

Thank you for such inspiration Mrs Tania!

ms guni,england said...

Thank you, I noticed I have become lazy to clean the church. I do it out of duty.

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