Friday, 6 December 2013

Challenges Of The Altar

When we talk about the heroes of the faith mentioned in the Bible we see how much they defied God and through their faith impacted so much that their stories were recorded in the word of God. They left their mark, had difficulties, they were not perfect, but are examples today.
They no longer exist, then through the challenges we face along our path, we also have to excel and be those heroes of faith.
Be motivators to those around us, just like we imitate their faith, people will want to follow our faith.
The challenges faced over the years brings great experiences with God and even as human beings.
Many times we feel unable, others had to mature early, surpass our limits, overcome our selfs, make mistakes and struggle to correct them, many hings are presented along this journey of faith, right?
Based on this I will start here, for the first time, a series of articles entitled “Challenges of the Altar” where I will share some experiences regarding the work of God, that I lived over the years and the challenges that I faced and that I know can help many of you.
Who will embark with me in this new series?


Nosithembiso Mvalo said...

That would be lovely Mrs Tania and its gonna give us a lot of courage too especially in our journey of faith.

Briony Bangura said...

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking forward to reading about your experiences :)

Maggie Kadima said...

Looking forward yo do it, help me become better woman of God.

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