Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dating, in search of someone or waiting for a relationship?

If you are dating someone, in search of someone who completes you or hoping to have a relationship, this series of articles is for you.
Surely christian dating is very different to dating people who do not live in obedience to God's word.
Nowadays when people treat this subject with such superficiality, it is important to make a deep reflection about dating and the care that should be taken not to love life and fail in their surrender to the wrong person.
Unfortunately we have seen how many have fallen and given up their faith because of a bad choice.
How they allow themselves to be led and dragged by feelings without thinking of anything else, resulting at the end in disappointment and sorrows that such bad choice left her.
Contrary to what many think there is no way to separate a spiritual life with love life because they are interconnected, for this reason it’s important to make the chose well.
A blessed courtship where the fear of God is the main course will be your confirmation to a lasting and successful marriage.

Together we will see the steps to follow and caution to take not to be a victim of your heart and be deceived by it.
If you're in a relationship, working hard to make it work and for love to remain alive, it's a sign that something is not going well.
If you're in search of someone, searching, searching and have spent all your time and energy to be noticed by investing only in your appearance, going to various places, doing everything to attract someone, it shows that you may be anxious and will certainly make a mistake.
Or if you're waiting several years for your prince charming and perfect, because he lives in a fairy tale, "wake up", I invite you to leave the world of fantasy and return to real life.
As you read the articles you will also learn a little more about my courtship, which lead us to marriage.
I know you will discover countless things, read it carefully, because from now on a lot will change.

We will continue next Wednesday.


Nosithembiso Mvalo said...

Can't wait for next Wednesday, thanks Mrs Tania

Ramzan Ali said...

If you always put your requested for for for several in (boy,girl) type, then you could say that it's OK for a lady up to now two teenagers, but a boy can only interval of your power and attempt one lady.

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