Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Offended Heart Series - I am very offended

The way you react to an offense will determine your future.
This has been a snare of the devil to destroy those who are of God.
A person engages so much with the feelings that all your energy goes there, even when it comes from someone of the same faith, in these cases the offense becomes like a betrayal.
Do not think that this only happens at work or at home, it happens within the church, between assistants, pastors’ wives, members, etc...

The closer the relationship the greater the offense, people who hate are those who were once close.
The reason is one: only those that matter to you are able to hurt you, because you have a higher expectation about them, after all you gave more of yourself to them.
All this leaves us vulnerable to the root of bitterness.
And so the devil will trap his victims, and when the person is wrong, she thinks she is right, even when she is not.
Sometimes one feels offended by simple conclusions or rumors, it isn't even something totally real, of course we know that there are situations in which the person was actually offended, but staying hurt is not the best way.

If your option is to hide the offense in a mantle of pride, the situation worsens because pride will not let us see our true condition and this prevents change, repentance is the deliverance of that feeling.
Pride causes us to see ourselves as victims and then we say "I was betrayed, abused, I have reasons to feel this way, anyone in my position would do the same."
Yes, anyone who is not worried about being pure before God.
Attitude: be prepared against offense, because our reaction determines our future, not because we were mistreated means we can hold onto offense.

Get rid of it now.


Anonymous said...

This has been eye opening was once offended by people that I looked up to not members but the one with TITLE and now I understand why.

Thank you for this topic.

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