Friday, 18 October 2013

How To Organize Your Suitcase

Us Pastor’s wives are always moving and that is why we must be experts when it comes to fixing suitcases. So today I decided to give some tips on how to organize your suitcase quickly and objectively.
First let’s learn to fold each type of clothing, for better organization and function of your suitcase.
Shoes: Put them in cloth bags for shoes, so they will not have contact with your clothing, it would not be hygienic. They go under everything in the suitcase.
Pants and skirts: Bring both legs together and fold them in half. Skirts may be extended along the suitcase.
Jackets and blouses: stretched them opened and place them along the suitcase, do not wrinkle them so much so that you don’t ruin the shoulder pads.
Underwear: Put them in bags suitable for underwear, that way they will be protected, if they open your suitcase your intimate pieces would not be exposed. Bras and swimwear, turn one side and fit the other together, forming a single piece, be careful not to crush them.
Needs: Tightly close all containers, if necessary wrap paper around them and remember to put all liquid material in plastic bags. So if you happen to spill some, you don’t get your clothes dirty. Divide things by category: Bath, facial care and general care).
Jewelry: Separate into smaller partitions kits. Now in days they have costume jewelry bags good for travel. Avoid friction and do not let all of them mixed together so that the pieces do not get dark, scratched or broken.
Once you have everything organized and separated, it’s time to put them together in the suitcase. So that you find everything easy and all things will be protected and in good condition.
Lets go then:
1: At the bottom of the suitcase go the shoes. Above the shoes, the pants.
2: Next, place jackets and blouses. After skirts and dresses, and vice versa with just a fold.
3: Shirts and blouses are rolled or stretched over the skirts and dresses.
Normally, around the suitcase there is space left over, to take advantage of that space roll shirts or handkerchiefs and fill the empty spaces.
Clothing that was used should be placed in bags for dirty clothes, so they do not get mixed with the clean ones.
Tip: Your documents should always be in your bag and valuables take them in your carry on luggage, to be safe!


Asive PUkayi (Cape town) said...

Hi Mrs Tania
Thank you for sharing,i will do as you says ,in most case when i travel i don't organize my suit case well ,now i know the problem where it lays.these tips will be helpful to me .

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