Tuesday, 15 October 2013

New Series: Offended Heart

During the fast of Daniel I had the inspiration to write about the heart, seeing so many people years within the church, doing everything right but far from God for having their hearts dirty and full of bad feelings.
We see that it is a trap that the devil has used within the church to destroy people.
So many things happen that the heart ends up contaminated with sorrows, resentment, hatred and so forth. These feelings are like sharp teeth that will eat your heart until there is nothing left.
See if it isn’t so: "I feel neglected," "I feel treated unfairly," "I feel betrayed," "I feel offended", etc...

Feel, feel, feel I have never seen so much as a place to feel like the heart; it's amazing how it likes to feel things and nourish what’s bad.
I would read the following word that I only came to really understand a few years ago, for while reading it I did not bring the responsibility to me.
“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

He makes it very clear guard your heart, each one of us has to guard their own, because it’s the person who decides whether to let dirt in their hearts or if they are willing to keep it clean. Without a clean heart there is no life.
When you are freed of these things, you become lite; it’s a weight that comes out.
Do not forget, we're not here to assess the hearts of others, but to take care of our own.
We will be talking about offense, sorrows, how to forgive, how to clean yourself before God.
Accompany this series; do not miss any article because I believe that you will not be the same after it.


Asive Pukayi said...

very true Mrs Tania ,if our hearts are dirty ,we can not be able to please God and He even advices us to keep on thinking about what is good and the moment we don't we can contaminate our hearts .Thank you for the powerful study ,i am looking forward for another offense.I must confess God is preparing me for something great ,as i am reading this blog i am gaining every time .

Anonymous said...

Thank you miss Tania for taking time out to put theses messages out, I have learnt soo much more than actually through the services

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