Thursday, 11 July 2013

Beauty Stain Series – Revenge

“Me? Vengeful? Not at all, I just don’t let myself be taken advantage of.” This is what many people think, that giving the person what they deserve is being wise. It’s not letting anyone hurt them with words or attitudes.
Or rather, later they think they are a good people and would never do harm against anyone, like avenge a death or a deceit or fraudulent deceit.
I am going to reveal some situations and see if these simple, day to day things, you have or have not been a vengeful person. Are you ready? You might be surprised:
·       She doesn’t talk to me, so I won’t talk to her either.
·       She talked bad about me, those who wait lose the worm, and as soon as I get the opportunity I will give her what she deserves.
·       My husband didn’t do what I wanted, so he better not expect anything tonight
·       She didn’t greet me on my birthday, when it’s her birthday I will do the same thing to her.
·       She was very harsh with me so I will do the same to her.
·       She treated me badly; I’m going to completely ignore her.
·       She embarrassed me in front of everyone; I’m going to prove she is not a good person.

And now after reading all of this, are you still sure you are not a vengeful person? What makes the difference in a person of God is that she never reacts according to her impulses. She acts in a way that pleases God, she doesn’t follow the will of her heart, which is to get revenge. She uses her intelligent faith that demonstrates that those types of feelings are harmful.
Although, they think that this type of behavior is well deserved, they do not act vengefully. They know that God will take care of everything, do not forget that you reap what you sow, whether it is good or bad.
“Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men.” (Romans 12:17)

Analyze if you have been this kind of vengeful person and starting today show that you are different, because you have the presence of God.
To add to this list, leave your comments, showing forms of vengeance in the little things, in regards to relatives, friends, or work issues. 


ms guni,england said...

what happens if the person is fake and is something else in front of people? Is it wrong if you completely cut off.

Anonymous said...

I think we all do this. I have seen it from all women, from pastors wives and bishop wives and assistants. People are people and we are all sinners. Nobody is better than the other. said...

Dear mrs Tania
Thank you for the message. It is true most of us we realy wish to avenge, we raelly wish to see those who onced did wrong against us suffer,forgeting that when we think like that we are becomming evil just like them.The Bible says in the book of Leviticus " Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself." We can not pay back what is evel with evil instead we should waite in the lord.
Thank you
God bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs Nanda for the Series because i once did this thing of revenge but at the end it didnt help a thing and it was worse for me because i even felt guilty that how can i fight a spiritual fight with my own wisdom but now thank God because he opened my eyes and everything that im going through i leave them in the hands of God!!

Anne said...

This is so helpful, reading this has made me realise that i have been vengeful for example, she didnt speak to me so i wont speak to her and its wrong! Even though it hurts, however like you said, i must place it in Gods hands and show that i have a different Spirit within me! thanks :-)

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