Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kindness – Part 2

With the rush of everyday life, we often forget to be kind to people. Always in a hurry, impatient we fail to notice who is around us, to make a gesture at the most.
A person, who possesses kindness, carries several attitudes that demonstrate this quality.
And it's wonderful when you cohabit with someone like that, who is kind, let us see then how the behavior of the person who has kindness is;
She is:
Sociable - she knows how to cohabit with others, she is friendly and generous, she is communicative and accessible, in other words, she respects the opinion of others not wanting to impose her own.

Friendly - she is willing, attentive and pleasant, always has a smile. She is never arrogant or rude.

Genial - always ready to help, is sensitive to the need of the people who surround her, she is attentive and generous, helpful.

Docile - in other words, is affectionate, loves to learn, and is an easy person to deal with.

Approachable - in other words, a person to whom you can reach out to, others feel that willingness to get closer even to give an opinion, or ask for guidance.

Respectful - this does not even need explanation, a kind person knows how to respect, she knows when to speak and be silent, she knows her place.

Obsequious - in other words, I am not referring to presents, but she gives her attention, her time, she is helpful and benevolent.

Pleasant - she pleases, satisfies. Others feel good at her side, because she does not judge in speaking, nor does anything to humiliate others or make them feel bad or inferior.

I think you were able to comprehend what being kind is, leave your comments and tell us how you have been kind with those who are around you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. This has been a challenge for me I used to be selfish and want to learn how to be kind.

Margie Delos Santos said...

Hi Mrs. Tania,
Thank you so much. Very helpful tips.
I need to works and applies some of these qualities.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs.Tania
Often we forget to think of others and think only of our own desiree.
Thank you for sharing these helpful tips.
I need to work on this !

Chelcia Tavares said...

yes Mrs. Tania i understood that a true woman (v Woman) of God is kid , as want to be a woman of God kindness is a important quality .thank you Mrs. Tania for the tips

Susan said...

Good Day Mrs. Tania

I notice how often we get to busy and forget the little things that matters the most. Thank you for sharing will be constantly watch myself

Raïssa said...

Hi Mrs Tania,
I'm not the kind of people who's very affectionate. Most of the time when I speak is to break people. I do good actions, but I know I'm not a very nice person and I have to change that!But God and your articles will help me to change that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mrs. Tania, I will make sure to work on this as sometimes I’m in a rush and forget to be kind.

Noluthando said...

Mrs Tania
As women of God its a good fragrance to give off that people around you may be happy because if other people are happy we are happy and the Lord God is very proud of what you did

candy said...

evening mrs Tania

Thank you for sharing this message with us. It is very true that most of the time we are always in a rush, busy and we often forget to be kind to people; we forget that Kindness is one of the fruit of the Holy spirit.

Thank you
God bless

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