Monday, 20 May 2013

Kindness – Part 1

Who wants to be kind? The answer is easy and at the very tip of our tongue, me, me.
Today we are going to speak of kindness, we always attribute the various adjectives to a virtuous woman and this is definitely one that you cannot lack.
But ultimately, what is to be kind? This we will find out in this small series of four articles.
Surely to be kind, it cannot be summarized only in speaking or attitudes, it involves a number of things related to behavior.

According to the dictionary the word kind, means: Worthy of being loved, sociable, likeable, pleasant, delicate: kind words.
And its many synonyms are: caring, attentive, courteous, docile, genial, accommodating, respectful, friendly, approachable.
The list was huge, but I think we already have an idea to know and be able to develop this quality.

Until the next article!


Anonymous said...

I lack this need God's help thank you.

Chelcia Tavares said...

Mrs tania, thank for this article i really like to learn more about kindness and develop more in me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mrs. Tania I am looking forward reading more of this subject.

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