Sunday, 3 February 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 17 - Dating

As we know a sentimental life is very serious and many by not giving it its due importance have strayed from the path of faith.
How many times did we see or hear, “such assistant left the work of God to date”, “she fell in love with a guy of the world and ended up getting weak and leaving the presence of God”, “they both seemed to be of God, but when they started dating, they forgot about everything”.
There are so many examples, isn’t it true? Yet there are people that can’t manage to learn with the mistakes of others, they want to learn doing the same mistakes, it seems as though they pay to watch.

So I am leaving you some secrets, so you can wait in God for the right person, observe each point, and be aware of the signs:
*Make sure he loves the work of God and you, if he has fear and is dedicated. If any carnality exists that is a bad sign.
* Notice if through dating there has existed any type of physical or verbal aggressions, if any manifestation of exaggerating jealousy or any lack of respect.
*Be attentive to the small signs, they are alerts, that can’t go unnoticed.
* Make sure he is a person of good character; you should get to know his family, his friends and his past.
*Observe how he behaves with his family, if he respects and treats his parents well, because it’ll be the same way he will act with you.
*Marriage should be out of love and never for money, with the intention of leaving the parents’ home or to achieve other objectives.
*Make sure that this person practices the same faith as you.
*Notice if there is any doubts in relation to his character or conversion, at times he may be in church but not converted to the Lord Jesus and later it will be an impediment to your faith.
*It is important that both of you have the same objective in life and share the same dreams.
*Your age should be compatible; it’s not good for a man to be a lot younger than the woman, so there may be balance in the level of maturity, even though this is not a rule, in everything there is exceptions.
Choose wisely the person that will share with you the rest of his life. Ask God to prepare that special person and know how to wait in God.

Task: Today I am going to give you a different task, I would like all of you who are in this purpose of waiting in God for the right person, to write on my Facebook page and publish the following phrase: “I follow the assistants in focus series and I wait in God for the right person”.


chalotte said...

Hi Mrs Tania

Thank you so much for the secrets shared and waiting upon God is what i choose to do. What i have learned is that many young men or women of God they tend to be anxious in their love lives and they allow that anxiety to control them and thats where satan catches them. Waiting upon God is the way for God will never dissapoint us.

Charlotte (PTA)

Anonymous said...

Am not an assistant but follow the blog almost all the post.

United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Tank u Mrs Tania 4 de wrds of encouragement no other wae except waitin in God if only we want to be hapy in our lvlyf,most woman of God we turn to be more anxciouse den we end up in wrong relationships

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs. Tania I will definetly watch for the signs and I am one of those who are waiting upon God for the right person.

Alicia said...

Thanks so much, I like how the tips are in detail! It's really a blessing to get to get this type of help, it's God preparing us so we don't make the wrong choice. We should be aware of the smallest details because in the long run our faith can be at risk, thanks!

Phumlisa pukayi said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for thee message

Sandra Ulume said...

Mrs Tania
These tips are very helpful not only for me to look out in the person but also for me to actually tick the right boxes if they were to read these tips.

Thanks for sharing

“I follow the assistants in focus series and I wait in God for the right person”

Boitumelo said...

I have recently started following your blog and am blessed by it already. The issues you focus on are spot on for us assistants and anyone else who is walking in faith and striving to live according to God's ways. Sentimental life is a weapon the devil uses against servants and one we should all be alert about. Thank you for the tips, all of them show that one should not date/marry for the sake of dating/getting married but the purpose thereof should be clear from the onset so that the process will be looked at with the point of fulfilling that purpose. Wanting to date someone with whom you will serve God for the rest of your life either on the court or altar, taking a partner who doesn't fear or value God and His principles will not fulfill your purpose for dating but destroy your life instead.

amanda said...

Dear Mrs Tania

Thank you very much for the message , I will wait from My God and He will never let me down , that's one thing I am sure about .If He gave His Son for me , He will not fail also to give a suitable partner

Thank you

Cyrena said...

Thank you Mrs Tania this is a very good check list to go by and very important because when our love life is shaky our spiritual life also becomes shaky and suffers and before we know can become non existant.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Dear Mrs Tania

I am waiting on God, and will wait till he provides for me,he is never too late or too early to bless me with a suitable partner, and his time is always perfect, i say this because i know what i want and will continue fighting for him to bless me.

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