Monday, 4 February 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 18 – Perfection

This is a level that we humans, however we strive will never achieve. When a person is lifted as an assistant, from that moment she starts to think that she has to be perfect, that she no longer can have problems, let alone seek help.
So what happens is that when the assistant should seek guidance with the pastor or pastor's wife she immediately thinks: "But I'm here to help, not to be helped," or "I can’t speak to the pastor that I have this problem, he'll think I'm bad and he'll remove me from God’s work."
These are the thoughts that keep you from seeking help and this way evil is gaining ground, the devil goes casting bad thoughts, you start feeling pressure and getting weaker spiritually until you end up falling in faith.

Dear friends, this can’t happen if you are going through a situation, do not think that this only happens to you, know that this happens to many and it is not smart to think you are bad because of it and allow the accusations of evil to destroy you.
Ask for help, guidance, be sincere and take care of your salvation above all things.
What others think should not be important, but rather your spiritual life.

Task: If you're going through a situation that is leaving you without strength, weak and even willing to give up, you will seek help and guidance, for your own good.
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Anonymous said...

what am going thru now

elisa said...

Dear Mrs Tania

it is so true that when we trusted with a position in the church we start to think that we are better than others and we are holier than others ,we are special and we begin to focus in many things that have nothing to do with our faith , forgetting the real meaning of our calling and our salvation.

Thank you so much for the message

Karen Nunez said...

This is very true, there was a point that I felt like that!! But then I decided to speak and all was better in me doing the word of God!!
Thank you
Karen (Hialeah)

cphosethu said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for this post

I also agree with you on this one. Many assistants face problems in their lives in general,spiritually, sentimentally, finacially and in health as well....Their fear is not in losing their salvation, but is in the position which will not save them after all...I learnt something from this as well and I'm no better than they. We all have flaws and we should expose them and get rid of, otherwise those flaws will expose us and we will even lose what we were trying to protect in the first place.

Ophelia Ogunsakin said...

Dear Mrs Tania,

Thank you for this post.

It is true Assistants are servants doing the work of God. But yes they can and will most definitely have problems or situations come up.
Assistants have to remember that they are doing the work of God, and the devil is always waiting for a gap to enter and for them to fall.
I think Assistants or anyone who has an important role doing the work of God feels pressured into not committing mistakes.
But God didn't choose people who are perfect because only God is perfect. But people who will do the work of God because they have a genuine desire to save souls.
We must always remember that we are simple and never try to be holier than others, because by going by our emotions and not being in spirit, the most important thing our salvation is at severe risk.

God bless you Mrs Tania

shade kieth said...
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shade kieth said...

Hi Mrs. Tania... yes thats right. We must humble enough to seek help and guidance, and if we overcome our problem the more we can help.. thanks. kisses!

melanie uckg philippines

Phumlisa pukayi said...

Good day Mrs Tarnia,i know what you are talking about,last year i really needed help but i was thinking like the way you just told us now but what helped me to face my fears was this blog and you gave us a task and in that way i was able to go to pastor's wife in ma church and indeed i over came that,the pastor's wife just councelled me and she did not even thnk that i am the bad person.Thank God

Jennifer said...

The tendancy for an Assistant is to fight on their own. But there comes a time when you will need to seek the advice of an authority higher than you. This is nothing but simply being humble. And the sooner we do this the better, as we will not need to carry that burden on our own anymore.

The only difference between the Assistant and the people is the title. We share the same battles and have to overcome them the same way.

Thank you for this message Mrs Tania.

Boitumelo said...

This is very true Mrs. Tania. As assistants, sometimes we forget we are souls first and servants later. The enermy works on our minds, corrupting it to be blind to the most important thing and rather focus on what is meaningless in the end. Thank you for this series.

Jhestine Ebron said...

Thanks for sharing Mrs. Tania... yes, you are right, when we start thinking that way to "be perfect" at all times and don't seek help anymore, satan enters the scene and attack us with doubts. This really caught my attention: "What others think should not be important, but rather your spiritual life."

Triana ! said...

Wow. This post and this blog has helped me so much. I'm an Assistant & I admit I am learning so much. I can't wait to learn more & grow ...<3 your blog!!

amanda said...

Thank you for the message Mrs Tania

No one is perfect , only God . When we start to think that we are perfect then that means we have pride inside of us and sooner or later we will leave God . This what made the devil to fall , he thought he was perfect and he didn't want help from God .

Thank you for each and every message that you post it is helping me a lot , I can see changes in my Spiritual life ever since I read this Blog , sometimes I wish I could stay on the computer and Read everything but I need to do some other responsibilities .

Thank you

Alicia said...

This happened to me recently, I was going through something very serious but I didn't want to lose the image that the pastor had of me, of being this strong woman of faith. But I saw that at the end that doesn't matter, I was sincere, spoke to him, and got the help I needed. The whole time I would ask God on what to do and nothing would change until I stopped trying to be 'perfect'. Learned from my mistake!

Carmen Madiba said...

Thanks Mrs Tania for your post.It is true that sometimes we fall on this trap but we always need to remember that we do not have answers for everything, we are assistants and not God. Whiles living in this corrupt world we will go through problems and sometimes we might not have the answer for things or may not know how to come out of a situation.
I thanks God for the women and men of God He has placed near me so that when time comes I can go to them to sick help or advice.

Cyrena said...

Mrs Tania,

This is so true I use to feel shy and even ashamed when the Bp use to say all those that are having problems, thinking aboout this or that those who have not been sincere come to the front, I use to look around to see who else was going up but then after a while I would feel bad because I had the same problem or I was going through the same thing so I started to talk to God first and ask him to reveal the things that I needed to do and help me and slowly I didnt care who was going up to the front all I was interested in, is that I wanted, needed help and I was going to get it.

We should never be afraid of the things we need help with or want to change because God through himself or his assistants are always there to help us, We are all in the same fight going through the same problems.

Janeene Octaviano said...

When we are like that no one will know our problems and we can't help. When we are like that there's pride in us because if we are humble no matter what we are facing we will ask for help.

Mercy said...

This is so true when i seek for help is when i clear my doubt and get stronger in the faith

thank for the message

Lerato Maidi said...

Thank you very much for the message.
I would like to share what happened to me as well.
I was facing difficulties, but I was still a member of the youth at the time, not an assistant. I did not want to go seek help from the pastors and pastors' wives, so I kept on telling myself that I will find a way out. Eventually, I managed to 'ignore' the problem. But unfortunately it came back to accuse me all the time. I got to a point of saying I have to seek help no matter what. I can say today that the help that I got from the pastor's wife was a blessing to me. I was able to overcome the problem I was facing because she gave me what I needed to hear, and she told me that she also went through something similar before. This took away the shame that I felt, and it made me realise that there should not be any shame in asking for help.

Thank you for sharing this message with us.

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