Sunday, 9 December 2012

Assistants in Focus Series 8 - Fasting

Today's article is for all the married women, whether if you are an assistant or member.
Let's talk about fasting, how to fast properly, being married to a nonbelieving husband or of the same faith.
Let's see what the word of God says:

“Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.” 1 Corinthians 7:5

First let's talk to those who are married to someone of the same faith, as the sacred book says, when you want to fast you have to talk to your husband (and vice versa) to see if he agrees. If he accepts, you can do it, if he does not, you must respect it because God says we can only do it when it's by mutual agreement. Then you will have to choose another time you know it will not interfere in the relationship.
Although the two reach an agreement, the bible advises that it not be for a long period of time so that the devil cannot find a breach and fall into temptation.

As for those married to a nonbelieving husband, since your husband does not understand the things of faith, and even if you explain about fasting, he will not understand. So the best option is to do the fast at a time that you will not take the risk of him wanting to be with you intimately. You will not be able to consult him about it because he will not understand and may even get upset, thinking you do not want to be with him, so be wise.

Task: Besides putting into practice, during this month you will try to teach that to a married woman in the church, it can be another assistant or member.


Anonymous said...

I love these tips i do wish your book was in English though. I wanted to buy some for family that do not have internet access.

Kisses from

Boitumelo said...

Great advise for married people, I learnt for myself (though I'm not married yet) that everything we do must be done in wisdom so not to give the enemy a chance to create problems in our lives.

candy said...

Dear mrs Tania
Thank you for your advice even the bible says when you get married you become one it is very good especialy when you are in church together with your spouse when you fast you do it together in the same faith so that no one disturb someone's faith.
Thank you
God bless

Briony Bangura said...

Hello Mrs Tania,

I am not married, nonetheless I took for myself that I need to be wise when fasting. If my family is having a big feast where there will be tones of food it doesn't make sense to fast during that time as I may offend them and come across as if I don't want to eat their food. When we do things for God it is between ourselves and God and it should add to our lives not bring problems or take away our peace (Of course there are instances where you cannot control things). I am understanding that to please God you need to have faith with intelligence, otherwise you can make a mess of things. Thank you for this post!

May God continue to use you!

Mercy said...

it is good to know more about fasting when you have nonbelieving husband, even though I am not married yet but now when I get married I know what to do and also teach the married women in the church because they alway have these little problem all the time. Some times I sent them to the pastor or an assistant who is because I am not married, and I know some assis suffer with this as well. Thanks for making me understand fasting in a broad way

God Bless

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