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Assistants in Focus Series 1 - Spiritual State

Hello friends, are you prepared? Then let us begin, at the end this article there is a small task for you.
Today we are going talk about the importance of the assistants being good with God, with their spiritual lives in day.
If the person is not well, she cannot help others, if she is empty, weak in faith, or even in sin, how can she pray for the people in the church? It will be a prayer without fruit, it will be dangerous because do not forget that it's a fight face to face with the devil.
Unfortunately many assistants are hiding behind their uniform, wanting to pass a spiritual image that does not exist.
They are people who act in the church one way but at home are completely different, they are unrecognizable, giving bad testimony.
This demonstrates a lack of being born again, do not accept living a farce, be honest with yourself.
Some points that can help you to reflect and see that you are not born of God:
-      you have not changed your character
-      you are always in a bad mood
-      you are angry and explosive
-      you feel bad in the strong prayer, as a matter of fact you flee from the services of liberation
-      you are not able to abandon sin, live in wrong
-      you are a sad person, do not have God's peace
-      deep down inside you know something is missing, something is not right

If you detect that you are not born of God, act now and start seeking.
Below is a story of an assistant that went through this situation, it is worth reading:
"Hello Mrs. Tania, I am writing because of the testimony of a wife that you posted on the blog of Mrs. Cris. I felt a burning desire to share what happened to me. I am an assistant for 13 years, and always went through that, I felt fear of the strong services, I felt strange things, but I never kept it with me, I would tell the pastors, wives, assistants... but nobody could help me. I would ask for a strong prayer, open my heart, but nothing... Everything continued the same. I thought about giving it all up, leaving everything, because I could not take it anymore, but inside of me there was always a strength that kept me going, made ​​me believe that I would go through it and share my victory. I prayed all the time, sought God, read the Bible, did nothing wrong... but everything remained the same, fear, insecurities and more. I did not understand, I prayed at dawn, humiliated myself in God's presence, asked for a response, but it seemed that nothing changed. I would do purposes, be revolted, something inside of me would ask for me to insist, I knew something was missing, and would ask God all the time! God I want you! I do not know what is missing yet, but I want you!! And so it was year after year. I've always heard of being born again, and even trying to comprehend I did not understand, I thought I was born again due to the time I've been in church and for not doing anything wrong. But something inside of me screamed! I needed more, there was something from God which I still did not have, and I was willing to seek, at all costs. I never had doubts of having the Holy Spirit, I would speak in tongues, and my fruits were good. So what was missing? I would ask God all the time. I even said to a pastor that I could start all over again, I had no problem, I was always humble to acknowledge it, and ask for help and prayers. My seeking continued, biblical readings, prayers, long conversations with God in my room when I was alone. My intimacy with God was increasing since I would talk to Him all the time, the more that problem tormented me, the more I became "glued" with God. And I continued still not understanding... In my moments of despair, a sweet voice inside of me would tell me. Trust in me, it will pass. Why God, why Lord are you allowing this? I asked always in tears. And when you posted the testimony of a pastor’s wife, my eyes opened! I am not yet born of God. That is what is missing! I remembered from the services with the bishop mentioning that many assistants, pastors and wives had not yet been born of God, and I did not understand how this could happen. After reading the second part of the testimony, I realized that being born of God is not easy, it is not enough to say you want to, you have to truly want it, strive and pay the price. I remembered that I was already faithful to God, but also did not know Him. I was in the service, I stopped what I was doing, I began to pray, I put my hands on my heart and asked God to cleanse me, to free me. I prayed strong, and I felt my heart burn, and a huge peace took over me, I asked God for forgiveness, for having taken so long to understand. I started talking to God, and had to run to the bathroom, because an overwhelming urge to cry, and glorify God in tongues took over me. I did not know whether to laugh or cry with joy, I wanted to shout for everyone to know what had just happened. I remembered all the people who were in the work of God one day with me and left, and I wondered why God preserved me for so long. And I was certain that if I had not gone through everything I went through, I would never have sought to be born again and have an encounter with God, and perhaps not be here to write this email.
God Bless you and the wife who told her testimony. "

Task: Make a deep and sincere analysis about your spiritual state, see if you had an encounter with God, are born again, and whether you are actually prepared to serve God as an assistant, if you are in sin, or bad spiritually, look for your pastor and speak to him, you cannot serve God this way, this is the first step.


Anonymous said...

This message is mine too am not an assistant but was hiding not in a uniform but just going to church my heart was full of grugdes and hatred towards people in the church. i was pretending to be holy and living in sin lies and all sorts.
Thank you Mrs Tania

phelisa Godi said...

I am an assistant and I remember a time when I was serving as an assistant and I would have nightmares, night after night I would not have any piece as there were evil spirits that would come during the night and turn my whole worl upside down; even though I looked like I had it altogether. Up until I decided to surrender my all and that included having the courage to go forward infront of the members on Wednesdays and Sundays whenever the pastor would call for people who said they felt lost and weak, it was not easy but it was a way of breaking my pride. Assurdely after stepping forward and asking for God's help I was liberated and I started to have a relationship with God a real one, I no longer feel the need to pretend or act like things are fine when they are not; I am now at that point where the only thing that matters is how I am before God and not how others perceive me.

amanda said...

Wow I also have a story of my life .
I am also an assistant , I believe I was raised without the encounter with God , and as time goes by the works of flesh overpowered me and I started feeling weak and I knew that I am already doing the work of God with my own strangth. After I realised the importance of my salvation , I wento to the Pastor and Told him about my problem . Then I started to seek God more today I have a stable realtionship with my God

Thank you

Tatiane Gomes said...

Mrs Tania Rubim,

Very strong message. When a person serves God in his work as an assistant, pastor, pastor's wife ... She must have conscience that is facing many demons, and not have at new birth, not have an encounter with God sooner or later she will leave

Anonymous said...

This message is very strong it makes me realise why at times I face the same situation I used to think God has forsaken me cause I seeked him always and knew that the is nothing wrong I am doing I have the fruits of the Holy spirit and not yet speak in tounges I feel like giving up at time feel weak and lost and I do talk to Godask him for strenght I read the bible but still not have that strong encounter with God

Anonymous said...

Tanks for such strong message Iam an assistance THIS open my eyes BORN again AM facing the same I know GOD I have the HOLY SPIRIT but yet I did not born of GOD like this testimony am shout inside GOD show me what is missing in me am not in sin I feel this sadness because I can not see the wonders of GOD in my life I seek HIM with all my heart my soul but I can not see HIM in my life is like every thing I do is not working but that voice inside is saying you get there AM going to do the same in that testimony untill I born of GOD He never leave me but I need to be born of HIM.My life sometimes seem is going foward but sadle something happen and am going to stage zero again.GOD help help me please.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy I came across this series! I use to follow this blog early this year, and for whatever reason I decided to cross it again. And I did at the perfect time! This series is definitely going to help and make a difference to me.

This post has open my eyes and caused me to STOP and evaluate my spiritual life. Above and before anything my relationship with God is the most important thing so this is something I have learnt and decided to never overlook!

I honestly believe I have been born of God and had an encounter with God. I cannot describe or pinpoint it but I have totally changed inside. However there is something that bothers me which I will speak to my pastor wife as soon as I see her.

God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Wow such an interesting story, as I was reading it I could hear the eagerness to change in each sentence. I started analysing myself and I can relate to this testimony.

Thank you for sharing such a powerful and eye opening testimony

Vviana said...

Again this is the base, how is our spiritual state, that eill mark us as to who we are, and how we are, we are temples of the holy spirit, so that is the reason we have to be examples and have a good relationship eith God.

jounmosonia said...

This first step and analysis is really important , thanks !

Anonymous said...

Was just passing through blog to blog and came across this. I realised that I always need to analyse my spiritual life and know where I stand before God because as soon as it goes down every other part of my life will go down especially my ministry. Thanks.

Jackelin Panuco said...

Hello Mrs. Tania. I am starting from today to read this series, I am no assistant, but I know I want to serve God, now the first post it says about being born again and I am now confused. isn't being born again receiving the Holy Spirit? or what is being born again?

Tania Rubim said...

Dear Jackelin,

For the person to receive the Holy Spirit, First she has to find God, giving her body, soul, and spirit to God. After then the Holy Spirit comes upon her.

God bless you,

Mercy said...

It is always good for me to stop and analysis my self which I do every now and then this has help me not to fall into the same trap because it can happen to anyone

Thanks Mrs Tania

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