Saturday, 18 August 2012

The character of the Woman of God Series – 8


We all know that God does not discriminate people; therefore it is not part of His character.

Now you may ask, but can a person of the church be racist or discriminate against someone?

Friends, there are several examples of prejudice, it is not only racial discrimination, there are several behaviors that demonstrate this and also occurs among those that call themselves christians, but unfortunately they still do not have the character of God.

You can discriminate against someone with words, gestures or behaviors, considering their opinion, that the person is inferior and does not have the same rights as others.

You can discriminate someone:

- for having some sort of physical defect

- by their appearance

- in the work of God, being a new assistant or as a pastor's wife

- by cultural level

- by origin

- by their color

- by their economic situation

- by not sympathizing with her

As you see we have to take care of every detail, to avoid displeasing God with our attitudes. See if you, without realizing it are discriminating someone.

“You Decide”

"I have little time as an assistant, I know I have a lot to learn, but I feel that some assistants that have been in the work of God longer than I discriminate me, they ignore me and it makes me feel really bad. When they talk amongst each other and I am near them they pretend that I do not exist, nor speak to me. How to proceed? "


Anonymous said...

I prefer to be alone in this case. Remember you are in the church for God nobody else.

anachelcia tavares said...

not only in the church but whatever i go, i learn to see other beyond they appearance, and not judge before know them.

Yinka said...

It is really true I should not allow someone else to feel inferior to me because they have less experience or have only been in the church fora church for a short period of time as that dones not stop them from being used by God in great ways.

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