Sunday, 19 August 2012

The character of a Woman of God Series - 9


Have you seen a person who likes to find a shortcut for everything? It seems that there are no problems to her, because for every situation she quickly arranges a solution.

To get out of trouble she tells a lie, falsifies anything, invents an excuse, pretends she is sick, I do not know… All I know is that this person is tricky and does not get bothered with it. On the contrary, she judges herself to be very clever, always manages to get away "good" and dribbles any situation that is presented along the way.

Of course this kind of character does not please God, because in Him there is no deceit. Sooner or later, everything comes out and their true nature will be shown.
Seek always to be honest, fulfill your commitments, there is nothing worse than having a bad reputation, being known as a trickster, cheater, someone who has no word.

Do not forget, your character is going to show if you are from God or not.

"You decide"

"I was a great friend of a person; we both attend the same church. What happened is that she asked me to cosign so she could buy a house of her own, since we were friends I accepted because I thought she would keep her word. Now she does not pay her monthly dues, and is not worried about paying and I have to cover this cost for being a cosigner. I feel so much anger inside of me, how can a person be in church, listening to the Word of God and act this way? I do not know how to talk to her, in front of the pastor she makes herself appear to be good, but she is irresponsible and bad character that lives of appearance."


Anonymous said...

Am going through a similar sitution. Just because there are in the church does not mean, you can trust them.

cphosethu said...

Thank you Mrs Tania

This has happened to many people and they always find a lie as a way out to any situation or maybe stealing as a way of getting things quickly....God hates false people and so do I.

Anonymous said...

I think that its great that these post of a character of a woman of GOD are here mainly because most woman that want to become woman of God often lack a starting point ,and are unable to identify themselves not even there charater ,and I believe that this post is a eye opener and the opening of closed doors

Yinka said...

Yes it is really true I have to make sure that I honor my word or else the things I say will lose value and always be questioned twuce.

Yinka said...

Yes it is really true I have to make sure that I honor my word or else the things I say will lose value and always be questioned twice, because every time I give someone my word I don't fulfil what I promised.

Ironica said...

In life every action has got a consenquence whether you do things in a shortcut at the end your actions will catch up with you.

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