Thursday, 9 August 2012

The character of woman of God Series #6

Keep your word

I said, I did not say, she said, she did not say, so many entanglements with words.

The person who has the character of God, keeps their word, she does not say something and then denies that she said it or says something different.

She assumes her words, even though it was wrong, she prefers to be true.

When a person is like this, she is reliable, others feel firmness in her, she shows a different character of those people who always tell a white lie to look well, denying something they said to not be in trouble, finally protecting themselves from people and forget to guard their faith, their principles and their conduct.

She is so worried about making herself look good in the eyes of others and forgets that the eyes of God are watching all the time.

If what you will say is not edifying, it is best not to say anything. If it's something serious and important talk directly to someone who can solve so it does not turn into gossip.

"You decide"

"A friend told me something that seemed very serious, so I felt compelled to bring it to the attention of the pastor, since it was about the work of God.

Only when the pastor called her to confirm the story, she denied everything, she said I had misunderstood, and now I was left looking bad before the pastor, because she did not have the courage to assume what she said. What do I do now? "


Anonymous said...

I think you betrayed your friend's trust you should have encouraged your mate to tell the pastor, the issue. You look both bad to the pastor and your friend.

Yinka said...

I think that you should have told your friend to go to the
pastor as it was somethink she personally had in mind and needed to say. Howe er if after this she never confronted the Pastor you should go on her behalf as it is a very serious matter.

unami said...

A woman of God keeps her word, her yes is yes and her no is no - she doesn't speak one thing and do something completely different. We have to be careful with our actions and what we say to others because this says a lot about us

Ironica said...

Indeed a person who has a charcater of God keeps their words. for God is faithfull so is the one who belongs to him.

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