Thursday, 23 August 2012

I promise I am going to change

“I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able;” 1 Corinthians 3:2
Apostle Paul must have been a little frustrated when he returned to visit the church in Corinth and see that the people continued the same way, the spiritual situation was precarious, there was no development, growth, they continued in the same stage of faith.
It is normal for a human being over the years to improve, grow in God, mature, change their attitude and correct mistakes.
But, with many it does not turn out this way, the person promises to change but never changes, years go by and she continues the same, same mannerisms, same defects, same behavior, she simply makes no effort.
When a person is an intimate of God she realizes what must change, God shows her and she is able to see it and takes action because she does not accept to stay stagnant, she wants to advance, improve, grow, she does not accept to stay with milk all her life.
It is so sad when we find someone after many years and we see that the person continues the same way, you would excuse her before, "she is immature," but now that years have passed and aged, you expect another kind of attitude, but unfortunately nothing changed.
So, what are you waiting for, are you going to accept to be stopped in time? It's time to eat solid food, but to withstand it there has to be a strong base, the Holy Spirit.


Anonymous said...

time for a spiritual makeover

Anonymous said...

Is very sad Mrs. Tania, I agree. Unfortunately there is a lot of that around us. People whom we started with in the faith and still continue to sit in the same seat that he/she started. I believe that is not because of Satan, is not because of the church, is not because of the family, is not because temptation etc.... NOOO, is the persons fault. That person doesn't want to have a responsibility, a real encounter with God. I once spoke to a young lady at church, and she told me that the reason that she doesn't give herself fully to God is because she knows that from the point she gives her life to God, there will be no more friends, parties, liquor, long vacations, and just to do whatever she wanted.
Meaning, is peoples choice that they have not changed. A demon does not control your life if you don't want to. A thief does not enter your house unless you leave the door of your house open so that he can go in. In order for people to have a transformed life, they need to recognize first, that they cant bring happiness to there lives with there will. They need to recognize that ONLY GOD can do that.

thank you Mrs. Tania God bless you


shyani omrawoo said...

That's exactly what God was helping me to see these last few days. And yes, God will not come to change someone as if He was changing a robot, but rather God loves it when a person takes a step forward with his actions as well as saying to God " feed me, teach me here i am "

mayra said...

This is true, when someone really wants to change they wont wait much, they will give there all, sacrifice what ever God tells them to change in there life. But there will be some that wont want to change.

Genesis Cabrera said...

God shows what we need to change when we have our spiritual eyes open, and our ears humbled to hear.
And the Holy Spirit is the base I agree. The Holy spirit is the one that moulds us, is like we take steps and the Holy Spirit also takes it with us.

Anonymous said...

Change only comes when a person is willing to listen and obey the voice of God. Even though its never easy and the feeling of going back is constantly in your mind. You have grab onto that will power that comes from The Almighty God.

cphosethu said...

Change occurs when a person takes a decision and revolts against the situation....Many times, we allow excuses and fears to make us procrastinate our encounter with God..

Thank you for this Mrs Tania

Jhestine Ebron said...

I agree Mrs. Tania, that we should learn to stand with our own feet and learn with our own to be strong as we grow more days in the faith. Thanks Mrs. Tania!

Jennifer said...

If we really want to change, we will do something about it. Even if it means do something we do not like, we will do it because we know that it is he right thing to do. We will always remain in the same situation, with the same life, if we do not change.

Jennifer V said...

for change to take place sacrifice is required and we should strive and sacrifice more for our salvation...we have to grow and our attitude has to prove that we desire to grow more with with the Holly Spirit

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