Sunday, 26 August 2012

I do not feel like it!

"I feel very weak spiritually, with no desire to pray, read the Bible, not even going to church. I'm completely cold and unmotivated; I do not know what to do. "
Friends, let's use our intelligence, since when does our flesh feel the urge for spiritual things? Never, the flesh wants things that please it.
On the other hand our intelligence shows us that it is necessary to nourish our spirit.
So even without having the will, we must seek to do what needs to be done to nourish our communion with God and not fall into this spiritual accommodation and consequently suffer for being away from faith.
So let's wake up, no matter if you are willing or not, you know you need to seek God, pray, read the bible; then do it.
It's like physical nourishment, sometimes we do not feel much hunger, but if the time comes to eat we eat, why?
Because we know the need our body has to eat to stay upright, to not get sick, so we still eat without having the desire, because those who do not eat, die.
Well, the spirit is the same thing, if you do not feed your spirit you get weak and sick, spiritually speaking, and the symptoms begin: discouragement, doubt, accommodation, sorrow, anguish, anxiety, until spiritual death comes.
So if you care for your body that will perish one day, imagine the care you must have with your soul that will live forever.
Therefore friend, do not do what your will wants, do what has to be done, what is good for your faith and thereby you will have life.
Those who live by what they feel are fools; those who live by faith are intelligent.
Think about it!


Anonymous said...

AMEN! We should always put God before anything,(our flesh, or will).. WE CAN'T LIVE BY EMOTIONS BUT BY FAITH, PUTTING GOD IN FIRST PLACE..

PAOLA said...

great message Ms. Tania
and i think that it strue we need to kepp ourselves occcupied doing spiritual things and not satisfying our flesh.


Thank you Dona Tania. We all need reminders. And yes, even if we are in good faith with God, we still need to have a reserve. We need a reserve of the spirit and a continual seeking, especially when we don't feel like it because we never know what is going to happen that will require our faith to be present to overcome it! God bless you!

jace said...

This is so true..! I agree and it is common sense. If we fall spiritually, is because we want to.

chalotte said...

It is true indeed Mrs Tania, the flesh always works with feelings and we need to use our intelligent faith in all areas of our lives including our spiritual life. When we are hungry we immediatley attend to feed our flesh. With our spiritual lives we should take care more for us to maitain a healthy and strong relationship with our God. And especially now as we are in the fast of 21days the flesh will complain a lot and we should not allow ourselves to live by what we feel or sight but by faith.

Thank you for sharing
Charlotte (RSA)

Anonymous said...

I will never forget what Pastor said Jesus doen't need you. You need Jesus. So this message is take it or leave it.

I love it


Alexandra/Paris said...

That's right, there are somedays i feel like i don't want to pray.But i remember in those moments, a christian lives by his faith and his intelligence and not by feelings and emotions. Thank you for the message.

Genesis Cabrera said...

Hello Mrs. Tania,
Thank you very much for this message, The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. And I agree we need to take care of our spiritual like we take care of our bodies. Feeding it with spiritual things. Because spiritual death is a horrible experience.

cphosethu said...

Thank you Mrs Tania...
This is rea;;y making many of us, Christians to be weaker because we tend to do what the flesh wants though we know that one day it will perish..Intelligent do a great job than emotions.

janine octaviano said...

Hello Mrs.Tania : )) Even though there are times that we don't want to pray,fast,read the bible, etch.. We must to this things and deny ourselves because no one can do this things for us, only ourself and if we will neglect to do this things for sure we will get cold on our spiritual life.

amanda said...

Thank you Mrs Tania

That's so true , what is the use to listen to the flesh that meaningless it self , the flesh that won't save me from eternal death. I must always make sure that I do what the spirit wants and not please my flesh

Thank you

Jhestine Ebron said...

Thanks for sharing this Mrs. Tania! Yes, it's true that never will the flesh wants to do the things which the intelligence thinks we need to do- which is to feed our spirit, just like how we must feed our body. But it is a must so that we will not get weak! God bless

-Jhestine, Philippines

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