Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Character of women of God Series

Hi friends!

We are going to start a new series titled " The character of women of God" How many people say they are of God, but their character reveals just the opposite, that they are not. Because those who are of God, show Gods character.

Character is the set of individual characteristics of each person, personality, his nature and temperament.

So, we can say that the mixture of good and bad qualities of a person, exhibit their character.

Why is it that there are many problems, even among christians? Many have put Jesus name to shame by expressing a contrary character than the one they should show.

Many people can have good or bad character, depending of everything we just mentioned above.

Now that you know the meaning, in the next articles we will talk with lots of detail what kind of character a woman of God should have.


Mamazile Gumbi said...

What I learnt is that I cannot say I have God if I do not have the character of God

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