Thursday, 17 May 2012

Picture with a message - Caleb

Last Saturday we had our monthly event with the "Caleb" group which is for older people, those which have more age but just as Caleb in them have a renewed and strong spirit.

It is always fun to share with them these moments, and so I share with all of you today this picture with a very special person, her name is Mrs. Dora, when she came to the church, she suffered from a severe depression due to the death of her husband, but today she is the happiest person in church.

Even though she is 78 years old, she's always early, takes a seat in the first chair, she's very enthusiastic, and when she sings she "wow's" people, she loves to always be involved, she loves to share her testimony, sing at every event, she's lots of fun!

Everyone in the church loves her and admire that she always wears these peculiar and outgoing hats, she always wears them to come to Gods house, and boy does she look great in them!

This day she asked me to put the hat on and take a picture with her, of course I obeyed, I also do what she asks of me.

Her faith and disposition is very admirable, we see with her that age doesn't have to "tire" our spirit, on the contrary, we become better and grow a much more intimate relationship with God, this spirit is contagious to all those around her.

Enjoy the pictures taken of our lovely Mrs.Dora!


Anonymous said...

78 years old she looks good! in the faith too!

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