Thursday, 10 May 2012

Picture with a message - The Assistants

Surely our church wouldn't be the same without the assistants who help daily and do the work of God with so much love, they make all the difference, how could we reach out to so many people and help them, and be successful and be able to accomplish our huge responsibilities without the indispensable help of all of them? The church needs assistants, that's the truth, but it needs them to be spiritual.

It's a sad fact when we hear of assistants that gave up and became discourage and abandoned their faith.

Be attentive and be very careful with the yeast, because add just a little bit and the mass grows, flee from gossip, from the malicious ones, of the ones that think about things of the flesh, of those that like to criticize the work of God, and then men of God, and don't forget that it's Satan who utilizes his traps to destroy, and on top of it all he tries to attack in a subtle way, without making any noise, so that you won't notice that it's him and fall in his traps.

So don't ever loose focus on serving God and don't allow the devil to take away your purity, your talent, and most of all your crown.

Let's keep our eyes on one objective.


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