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Mini Novel Aksah (End)- Fearless

Apparently Caleb did not know personally the land which was given as a gift to his daughter Aksah, since there were no water sources.

Othniel didn’t listen to Aksah’s request to talk with her father and expose the situation.

"I have to do something my God, I know, I will speak with my father, I know he can give me more, I will not stand here with my arms crossed," said Aksah determined.

She prepared everything to travel and visit Caleb and explain what was happening, she knew that her father wanted the best for her.

Aksah was a determined woman; she would never remain passive, seeing that the future of her family was at stake.

It was not a selfish attitude; she wanted water sources for the welfare of her family, she was thinking about their future.

She went to her father’s house, it was a sacrifice, but it was necessary, it had to be done or they would live in misery.

"Someone is approaching the camp, sir, I see it from afar," said one of Caleb’s servants.

"Who is it? I'm not expecting anyone. "

When Caleb realized that it was Aksah, he got worried.

"¿My Daughter is everything well? ¿what made you come back?" Asked Caleb, while hugging his daughter.

"Father, everything is fine with me and Othniel, the problem is that the land that you gave us does not have water, give me a gift, you gave me the land of Negev, give me also springs of water."

"Of course my daughter I had no idea, let me analyze what I can do."

So Caleb gave her the upper springs in the mountains and the lower springs in the valleys.

Aksah returned with victory in her hands, because she was determined and courageous, acted wisely and did not wait for something to happen. She was happy and Othniel admired her more for having a persistant character.

Their lands were fruitful; their animals were multiplying, there was prosperity and abundance.

Time passed and one morning Aksah woke up not feeling well, she had dizziness and nausea. "What do you feel Aksah, you're pale," said Othniel already out of bed and heading towards his wife.

"Yeah, I'm not feeling very good, I need to vomit," said Aksah running to the bathroom.

Othniel called one of his servants who came promptly to help Aksah.

"What’s wrong with her? Tell me; I have never seen Aksah like this, she is a strong woman, always walking from one side to the other." said Othniel.

"Do not worry sir, Aksah is well, she's just pregnant."

"¿She is Pregnant? I’m going be a father! Thank God, what a blessing, I have to break the news. "

Aksah left the bathroom a bit weak, with her hands on her stomach, but Othniel ran to hug her, "a child, a baby, we are going to have a baby, I'm so happy!"

"Yes, my love, God has blessed us now with a baby, I know it will bring us much joy, I have to tell my parents that they are going to be grandparents."

The months passed and the big day arrived Hatat was born.

Aksah was very happy with Othniel, who later became a judge in Israel, he was a man blessed by God, a deliverer of the people.

Aksah was a bold woman, fearless and courageous; I hope her story will inspire many.

There are times that we have to take action, we cannot wait for others, let time pass and sit back, we must fight for our blessings.

This story was based on the book of Joshua 15.



Nancia London said...

this is a very strong message. it shows me that i should not just wait for things to happen but that i should make things happened with my actions. also what i learnt is that i cant depend on other make my situation better

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