Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mini Novel Abigail 1- Bad husband

In the city of Maon was a very rich man who had his possessions in Carmel, three thousand sheep and a thousand goats.

Only that he was bad, very bad, his name was Nabal.

He was harsh and evil in his actions, but married to a lovely woman, his wife Abigail was intelligent and beautiful.

They lived in a beautiful tent, but Abigail was not happy, the beautiful dresses, the jewels, parties and accommodations could not replace the companionship of a loving and understanding husband.

As much as she tried to please him, he was rude and bad mannered, she made a huge effort to appease his rude and explosive character, but seems that nothing moved him.

One morning the two were in the room, Nabal was getting ready to go to Carmel and Abigail like every morning was trying to make conversation and please her husband.

"Nabal I prepared a special breakfast for you, I know you’ll come back late and I want you to be well fed," said Abigail all graceful.

"It was not necessary, I can very well take it to go," he answered in a bitter way.

But Abigail continued to insist on establishing a conversation, "Nabal, do you think we could go on a trip, spend some time together, we never set apart a time for both of us, you work so hard," said Abigail putting coffee in Nabal’s cup.

"Don’t be absurd, a trip cannot give you the convenience that my work gives you, or are you going to say that you don’t like the good life that I give you, I do not know why women like to complain so much," He said at loud and leaving without even saying goodbye.

Abigail was saddened by his actions, but she could only pray; she didn’t understand why he was so bad and bitter, she knelt down on the bed and had tears in her eyes.

Soon came a servant whom she trusted and said, "My lady, don’t stay that way, you know how he is, but he loves you, my lady."

"I don’t think he loves me Miriam, this is not love, who loves does not treat bad, treats well, and love is not selfish. But I'll be fine, do not worry about me. "

Miriam left with all the breakfast that Abigail had prepared for her husband and that he had rejected.

When Nabal went out of his house, there were some friends outside, "Nabal why don’t you give a banquet? We could have a banquet to drink and have fun. "

"It’s not a bad idea, at least I’ll forget some of the demands of my wife, you can call our friends, and tomorrow we will have a feast."

Nabal prepared everything to go up to Carmel when he saw that one of his servants was missing, "where is that useless of Ramah?"

One of the servants already afraid said, "My lord Ramah is very ill, his wife sent word that he cannot come up with us to Carmel."

"How is that? Well tell him that he lost his job, I do not want weak men working for me, where have you seen an ill in bed. "

"But sir, he needs this job, otherwise his family will starve," said the servant with a quavering voice.

"What do I care, he is fired and that’s it, do not dare question my decision."

"Yes sir, I will do as you say."

When Nabal got home at night, Abigail received him, "Nabal, you thought about what we talk about this morning? You would make me very happy to accept my proposal, "said Abigail taking the cape of her husband.

"I’ll think about that later, for now prepare a feast for me and my friends tomorrow night."

"But Nabal ..."

"No buts, not another word, do what I command, I command and you obey."

"Yes Nabal, so will I do, I'll prepare the best."

Abigail did everything with love, the next night they did the party, they drank till they drop and Abigail remained alone in her room.

(Continues next Monday)


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