Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mini Novel Dinah - Inconsolable

Shechem was a modern city with a large stone wall that surrounded the entire city, the houses were of white stone, and all the narrow streets led to a main street that looked more like a market, everything was sold there, and there was in the air a fragrance of mixed spices, merchants offering their goods and buyers trying to get the best prices, the city was very busy and Dinah walked delighted with everything she saw, especially with one of the stalls selling fabrics, she had never seen so many beautiful fabrics and of all colors.

- Hello Young lady! Do you like the fabrics? Look this is of Egyptian cotton! - Said the merchant with a yellow fabric in his hands - I'm sure it will make a beautiful dress and the color will match your brown hair!

- No, thank you! - Dinah said in a low voice and embarrassed. For Dinah to talk to strangers was something uncomfortable, because she had never left her camp and her people.

The young Shechem son of Hamor, the city's principal watched Dinah from afar and followed her without her noticing. He felt attracted to her from the first moment he saw her entering the city, he had never seen a girl as beautiful as Dinah.

- Young girl are you going to buy the fabrics or not? - The merchant said impatiently.

- No, sir! - Dinah said turning away and butting heads with the young Shechem. Dinah looked up and his eyes crossed with the seductive look of Shechem.

- Hello beautiful girl, who are you? - Asked Shechem.

- I'm Dinah, daughter of Jacob, I moved here a little while ago, and we live in camp outside the city.

- Oh! You are the daughter of the man who bought the land from my father. I had no idea he had a daughter so beautiful!

Dinah was red-faced and bowed her head, with an embarrassed smile.

- What are you doing here alone? Because you are alone, right? You escaped from the camp? - Shechem said with a compromising smile.

Dinah was silent for a moment, her mind was going in circles and she talked to herself: "Dinah, what are you doing here and talking to a stranger? If your parents and your brothers will see you! My God he is a pagan, what am I doing talking to him! I Better go back home! "

- I should go back to my camp! - Dinah said in a firm voice and turning her back to Shechem.

- Wait! Shechem said pulling her arm.

-Come with me in my house, let me give you water to drink, do not go thirsty on the way! - Shechem said. What she did not know was that he was already with another intension in his heart.

As they entered the house he began with compliments and nice words and tried to grab her.

She had never left the comfort of her family, easily believed in people, and let herself go.

"No! Let me go, let me go, "cried Dinah, but her brothers were not around to defend her.

"Stop it, you'll be mine, at whatever cost," said Shechem trying to grab her.

He desired her intensively and took her by force and raped her.

Dinah cried and felt devastated, humiliated and dirty, how can she explain what happened to forget the past? - My God and now! What will become of me! - Dinah said with lips almost closed and with her hands pressed against her body.

She deeply regretted; leaving the security of her home and being curious and careless.

Dinah stood up with the little strength she had wiped her face and headed for the exit door.

- Wait! - Shechem said

- You have no idea what you just did with my life! - Dina said weeping.

- But I want you for me I loved you from the first moment I saw you.

Dinah ran out leaving Shechem behind.

Now she could only cry and go back to the shelter of her family.

Dinah was running and crying as she was going back home. How to explain the situation, what to say to her parents and brothers?

"How foolish I should have never left, how could he be so evil and cruel, I hate him," said Dinah running and sobbing.

But Shechem fell in love with her and wanted her to be his wife.

- Father, please talk to her father, I love her and want to marry her – Shechem begged his father Hamor.

As Dinah entered the Camp she lost her strength and let her body fall to the ground, she couldn’t take it anymore, her mind was bombarded with thoughts and for a moment she wished she could go back in time.

- My lady come quickly, Dinah is approaching, it seems that she is crying - said one of Leah’s maidservants.

- What happened my daughter, why are you crying like this? - Jacob said hugging the young girl.

- Father! - Talk soon Dinah, you are leaving me in agony - Jacob said impatiently.

- I went out to meet the children of the earth, I just wanted to make friends, but a man raped me! - She sobbed on her knees, clutching her father's legs.

Leah was baffled - Come my daughter, let's take a shower, calm down.

Dinah's brothers had not yet returned from the field, Jacob preferred to remain silent until they arrived...

(Continues next Monday)


Busie said...

Hi Mrs Tania

First i couldnt understand the story until i watched the movie, and it was very sad. I cant wait for the next post.


Busie - S.A Gauteng

Jo-Anne said...

Mrs Tania, this can just show what can happen when we don't watch.
This story is so powerful and i have never heard in in this way before.
Can't wait for the next post!
Jo-Anne, Hackney London

simplykaren said...

Was there a movie out of the story? Can you please share to us. This is a nice story. I am following the post every week... God bless you, Mrs Tania.

Kedibone said...

Wow leaving the comfort of home. Just the same as leaving God's presence, there is no protection out there, no brother or sister (Holy spirit). It is not safe. Satan will take away the joy of your youth. My God what a lesson I learned from this sad story. Thank you Mrs Tania.

Nancia London said...

This shows how dangerous it can be coming out under your safety blanket. You become open prey to anyone and those who can protect you are not there. I f we chose toleave God's presence we no longer have His protection and the devil will surely have a field day with us.
This mini series has opened my eyes in so many ways.
Thanks Mrs.Tania

Bulelwa said...

We have no protection for this world and we should always be in the spirit and connect our self to what is important and that is God and him alone

Puleng Ngoato (Bxt UK) said...

Hi Mrs Tania,
Something similar has also happened to me before I knew God, I used to be so curious with life wanted to experience everything in this world, never knowing that there are people out who are dangerous and have very evil intentions. But after coming to God I realised that everything that happened could have been avoided had I just heeded the voice of those who loved me.

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