Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Armor of God 4

“In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.” Ephesians 6:16 NLT
Now we have the fourth piece of the armor, the shield.
The Roman soldiers utilized two kinds of shields. The first shield was round and small, and the second one was oval shaped, longer and larger.
It was used to defend them from arrows and darts, and that's exactly what Paul is speaking about here. We are in a battle against the devil. He tries to attack us in any which way and manner and to defeat us in all the areas of our lives. He begins to throw flaming darts, trying to attack our families, work, your heart, placing doubt, bitterness, and evil thoughts; everything becomes an attack from the devil.
It's because of this that we must always be with our shield in place, using our faith until we have eliminated everything the devil is putting in our way to destroy us.
Our faith is without a doubt, our weapon.


Marcia said...

I hate the devil for this >:( We all must be alert when he cunningly approach us.

magey kadima(BXT) said...

We need to undo the devil work. Faith without work is dead.

Anonymous said...

I learnt something, doubt is a demon.

love you,

Mariella Antialon said...

It is very important to use this weapon that we all have but many times do not use, our faith. Manny times we are blinded by the devil and do not see that we have the most powerful weapon and we can defeat him if we know how to use it.

Nancia London said...

There was a time I didnt even use that weapon at all . Now I really know how to use my faith and also how much power is in my faith I use it all the time . Even when I dont feel like it.
thank you Mrs Tania for this message

jace said...

This topic about armor of God is really important Mrs.Tania....If we don't embrace ourselves with the armor of God, we are lost. Which are: having a sincere heart like you mentioned, keeping it safe from any evilness, using our faith every day other than emotions and etc..

Lungi Motsamai said...

We are constantly at war everyday,in order to overcome we must make use of the full armour that is given to us.The devil will use as much arrows to put us down.We need to always be in faith and aim for a greater victory(our salvation.)
Thank you Mrs Tania

Thumeka Jezile said...

It is important for us Christians to be alert and equip ourselves with all the armor of God and all time like the roman's did ,because we are at war and the war it's against something that we cannot see that why one need to be alert at all times.

Thank you for the post Mrs tania

unami said...

Very true, our faith is our weapon - we put to an end every arrow that the devil will be throwing to us.

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