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Mini Novel Dinah - The Deal

Jacob was in his tent on his knees with his face on the floor, his heart was broken, he couldn’t stop thinking of his daughter, and at moments remembered when she was small. With a deep sigh, the words came out of his mouth - God of Abraham and God of Isaac! My God, now what do I do? This way Jacob remained in his tent.

Inside Leah’s tent, Dinah was being taking care off by her mother, she was very frightened.

- And now mother, what’s going to be of me! - Dinah said crying.

Leah pressed her against her chest, both were suffering, Jacob was silent, her children were still in the field. Leah did not want to imagine what could happen, the truth is that the confusion was there, there was no turning back, a space was opened for evil and the consequences did not wait.

The young Shechem told what happened to his father, and begged him to go and speak to Jacob

- I love Dinah Father; I want her to be my wife!

- But my son, what do we do now? You know they are people with different customs than our own; we have no idea what is going to happen if we go talk to them!

- But Father, I am willing to give her father my word; I want her as my wife! And do not forget that Jacob is a very rich man, and that suits us well for the growth of the city that we form relationship with them.

So Shechem persuaded his father and together they went out towards the camp of Jacob. Leaving the city, Shechem saw the stall that sold fabrics where he and Dinah had first met; he bought the yellow fabric that Dinah liked to take as a gift for her.

Uproar was heard at the camp, as usual when the sons of Jacob returned to herd the flocks, only this time nobody came out to meet them, only a very distressed Jacob that said:

- My children, something terrible happened, you cannot imagine what happened to Dinah!

- Talk soon father! Why are you so serious, did she get hurt? - They said anxiously.

- No! She went away from the camp, wanted to see the lifestyle of the people of Shechem, and a man raped her.

- What? He will pay; this won’t stay like this, said Jacob’s children tremendously angry and indignant.

- Who made such an atrocity to the daughter of Jacob, who does he thinks he is?

The feeling of revenge and justice ran through their veins, it was time to act; they would not let go such affront.

Hamor and his son Shechem were approaching Jacob’s tent, surely they were a little afraid but Hamor wanted to satisfy his son’s desire to marry Dinah.

-My son is in love with your daughter, I ask you to give her as his wife, kinship with us, give us your daughters and take ours! - said Hamor.

- If I find mercy before you give me what I have determined, give me the young girl as my wife - pleaded Shechem.

Dinah heard different voices coming from outside the tent, curious she asked her mother - who is out there? Mother my brothers are back, and now?

- Calm down my daughter! - Said Leah as she sighed deeply.

Dinah ran to the exit of the tent and peeked through the curtains, she could not believe her eyes. It was Shechem! Her heart trembled, and she got shills.

- Mother Shechem is the guy who forced me!

-What is he doing here? What are they talking about for so long? - Dinah asked her mother inside the tent, she couldn’t contain her curiosity.

While Jacob and his sons talked with Hamor, Shechem looked around, trying to see where Dinah was, and saw her peeking through the curtains of the tent, his heart filled with tenderness for her because he loved her very much, when their eyes met Dinah dropped the curtain and stood in silence in the tent.

Dinah's brothers were tough in their response to Shechem and Hamor his father. - We cannot do this, give our sister to an uncircumcised man, because this would be a sin and a shame for our people. Only if you become like us by circumcising all men among you!

Of course, there is no fellowship between light and darkness, Dinah marry an unbelieving man who did not believe in God, was not a good idea.

His brothers demanded something, not only to Shechem, but to all of his people, will they accept?

Will the love of Shechem for Dinah come to that point? ....

(Continues next Monday)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait.

Jo-Anne said...

This is very strong, especially the part about light and darkness, Dinahs brothers didnt care who he was or what he had, they were firm in what they believed.

Unknown said...

Carla do- cf ri
If you really love somebody you would be willing to do certain things for them. And, if you really respect someone you are willing to do what its necessary to make them feel comfortable and be able to trust you. Let's see what happens..

Nandipha CPT said...

Thank you Mrs. Tania

Truly darkness has nothing to with light .
I can not call my self a child of god and still doing things in the darkness.
the life of a child of god needs to be simple.

Lungi Motsamai said...

Thank you Mrs Tania
Oh,my word I cannot wait to see what will happen.

Thumeka Jezile said...

Thank you

Light is from God and darkness is the opposite of light,One can not have both because light has nothing to do with darkness same apply for darkness.if you are a child of God then you are in the light and no darkness can come in your life.

Bulelwa said...

there is no deal between light and darkess and its either you are in the light or not. If you are in the dark you are a child of the devil and if you are in the light you are a child of god no questions asked

Nosisi Nkatsha said...


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