Monday, 16 January 2012

Rain or Shine?

Summers in Miami are very hot and the sun shine with all of its intensity, but suddenly the skies become gray and a storm catches us all by surprise, and then suddenly after a few minutes the sun returns with all of it’s splendor.
Now imagine living with someone who is fine, happy and fun to be around and suddenly she changes, she closes herself, becomes serious, mean and antisocial. You never know how that person is going to wake up.
She can be an easy breeze or suddenly become a hurricane, she doesn't do it on purpose, it's simply what's inside of her and she can't control it, no matter how much she tries, it seems to be stronger than her.
She says to herself "I won't act like that ever again", but when she least expects it she lashes out again with the same actions.
People who don't have the Holy Spirit are inconsistent; they aren't able to control their temper or their actions, since there flesh is in complete control of their life.
Those quick changes of character, prove that something is wrong, it's necessary to seek to be born again, to seek the Holy Spirit, because only He can transform us completely because we can't do that on our own or achieve that change by our own strength.
Only then will you be able to control your sin, your temper, your words, your anxieties, because only then will your flesh submit to the Spirit, and He will give you that capacity.
"Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life."
John 3:6


Anonymous said...

I have been there, it is not a good place to be at all. you end up being alone, too.

Thumeka Jezile said...

Thank you Mrs Tania

This post has helped me to deal with people who are like that around me and I have encouted many and it's not a Good place and especially when I was around them,because with them one does not know what to expect,so this post has equiped me on how to go about handling them

Chelcia Tavares said...

i use to be that but thank God seeking the holy spirit changed me , today i'm a different person, but is always good to remind where we came from so that we never go back again, thank you Mrs. Tania , may God bless you

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