Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christian Dating Series 18 (the last one) – He promised he’d go to church!

“I am a Christian and am dating a guy who is not, he promised me he’d come to church, but he still hasn’t gone, he always finds an excuse not to go. I don’t know what to do, after all he is still a soul and I want to help him spiritually, I don’t want to leave him, but I am fully aware that id he doesn’t want anything to do with God then he isn’t the right person for me. Help me.”

I can speak about this subject pretty well; when I came to the UCKG I was already dating Joaquim. After some time I learned how important it truly was to have someone by my side that shared my same faith, and so I began to speak to him about Jesus.

In the beginning he didn’t understand much, but he accepted my invitation and came to church with me.

Time passed by and I would always speak to him about the things of God, since I was walking in the faith longer I knew more and with that I also did vows and special purposes with God so that he could convert to Jesus. He began to give himself more and more to God and understanding the things of God and with time converted. We were assistants in the church together and then we got married, a few months later we were called to do the work of God on the altar and today we’ve been serving God for 16 years now and going.

But if Joaquim hadn’t accepted Jesus, I wouldn’t have waited for him forever and surely today I wouldn’t be with him. Good thing he

converted! LOL

But the point I want to make is this; you can fight for your boyfriend who doesn’t have the same faith as you do, but if months pass by and even years and he never comes to the church and that he doesn’t want to convert to Jesus, then its time to make a choice.

After all you don't have to date someone to help them spiritually, you can do that without dating them.

If he promises to go to church and never does, and things haven't changed, then you can't wait forever, just whatever you do, don't marry anyone who isn't converted, because it's one thing to promise and another to actually go.

In this case, promises are simply not enough and its necessary to see those promises fulfilled. Marriage is forever and we must be spiritual when choosing the right person for our lives.

This is the last post for this series, I hope to have helped in one way or another.


Stephanie said...

Yes you have helped plenty Mrs. Tania! I've read every blog in this series and I learned a lot. Thank you for posting these steps! I have them written in my heart and they will surely help me a whole lot in my sentimental life, but above all, in my walk with Jesus and in doing things right in the eyes of God. Many blessings to you and God bless you! :)

leanne nolan said...

Hi Mrs Tania I did know you had a blog, and I'm so happy to see you have being talking about this certain subject!

I'm going to read them all start to finish as this subject is really important in ones life!

I'm looking forward to more of your posts yet to come!


leanne nolan said...

Sorry I ment to say I didnt know you had a blog! Oppppsss

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Tania. Happy 2012, I have learnt a lot. I thought I knew a lot but now I can say I knew nothing.

Lots of love
From England

Anonymous said...

I know this was posted a long time but the work is still being done.
Because I've been greatly assisted.

A friend of mine who has witnessed some part of my love life "situation" invited me to read the series.
I'm grateful that she allowed God to use her.

I've read all the series.
Especially series2,3 & 11. I've found answers & a direction I've been praying for.

God bless you & kisses*
(All the way from Durban- South Africa)

Ofentse said...

You are right Ms Tania, if she sees him as a soul, she might help him as a friend and a soul winner after all (that's if time really passed that she sees no future with him anymore). I believe by that way, she'l do her part.

Praying is not enought, there are many movements of faith that she can participate in (that's is she really believes that him and the guy can go places) :-)

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