Thursday, 21 July 2011

The nerve!

The scriptures tell us that there was a time when a Pharisee, named Simon, invited The Lord Jesus Christ to have dinner at his house.

There was a sinner in the city that found out, and she showed up, it was very inappropriate on her behalf, but she needed to see Jesus.

When she got there, she cried over Jesus’ feet and washed them and then dried them with her own hair, she kissed them and poured her perfume all over them.

In those times, it was a tradition for the host to receive his guests in that manner, to have this type of attention with them; to wash their feet, kiss them and anoint them with oil, but Simon neglected Jesus, and he did not give Him any type of acknowledgment.

On the other hand, this sinner gave all the necessary courtesies required to a guest, to Jesus.

When Simon saw what the woman was doing, he quickly criticized her, not only did he not do what he should have done but also he still had the nerve to criticize what this woman had done, when she had simply just done everything HE should have done.

The Pharisee’s worried only about appearance, but Jesus saw this woman’s repentant and sadden heart, and that honored Him and He saw that she searched desperately for His forgiveness.

She went to Simon’s house with a ruined life, but her actions, even though they seemed humiliating for a woman of her reputation, made her leave with peace and with Jesus’ forgiveness.

Sometimes people criticize others because they themselves don’t have anything to give or because they don’t have the courage to act. So they are limited to criticizing.

But we're not going to stop acting because other criticizes what we do, right?

Luke 37:36-50


Yetunde_R_Omoniyi said...

I really love this woman's faith because though she never knew Jesus but she knew He was the only One who could change her life through forgiveness, she DID everything in her power to show that she wanted.

Whereas Simon just critisized and he was even close to Jesus and it doesnt seem like he ever did that to Him. Instead he never took it as an opportunity to realise that he can do the same thing as the woman did to show that respect for Jesus who he even knew.

I understood that in the same way at times people do good things for God, with sincerity and it turns out for the best. Instead of looking with bad eyes why not follow the example of doing the same because there's nothing to lose apart from your own will.

Thank you for this post x

Chelcia Tavares said...

nowadays we care to much of what people will say, will thing , should i do , should i not. and we forget what really matter , instead of criticize it is important to analyse ourselves and do what is really right . being in connected with God. thank you Mrs. Tania for the post . ma God bless you

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