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Chosen for the altar series- 10

Complete Surrender

Those who want to do the Work of God on the altar should be aware that they are no longer in control of their own lives, their objective is to dream Gods’ dreams. This means that the person will live their life according to Gods will and the plan He has for her.

Not everyone is willing to surrender their career, their job, leave their family, their country and go wherever God sends them, without having a say whatsoever. Aware that she will never be able to decorate her own house, knowing that she can be moved at any moment to an unknown place, with a different language and possibly a completely different culture.

Having to adapt to a different climate, and different foods; all these things are part of what the people who decide to leave everything to do the Work of God, must do. Plus, your not always transferred to a country that is structured and developed, some times your faced with hardships that you have never had to face before, but the love for souls doesn’t allow you to look at all of those difficulties, it makes you look at our only focus, which is to win souls for the Kingdom of God, and have it grow everyday more.

Not to mention that you could spend years without seeing your family, and visiting your home town, that why it is important to always be focused on the souls and trust that the Holy Spirit will take care of your loved ones.

Always have this in mind; if there is a personal dream or goal, then the person is serving herself and not God.

Be honest. Not being sincere impedes a person from being chosen from God, because he searches the mind and the heart and knows our true intentions to everything we do.

So don’t be worried, and don’t be afraid, even though no one has faith in you, if you often feel forgotten, or as if no one has paid any attention to you, God knows you and He will honor your faith and the desire you have to serve Him. Considering that you truly are willing to surrender, to get rid of everything, to abandon your dreams and personal goals to serve your God. This is something personal that only you can decide to do.

There is a big difference between doing the Work of God and doing the Work for God.

“ But Jesus said to him, ‘No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.’ ” Luke 9:62


sulma said...

Hi Mrs. Tania,

I really enjoy your "Chosen for the altar" series. What caught my attention in this post was "Always have this in mind; if there is a personal dream or goal, then the person is serving herself and not God" and "There is a big difference between doing the Work of God and doing the Work for God."

When we look at the work of God we can't look at gaining anything for our personal benefit. We have to work on savings souls without expecting anything in return from man. If it's otherwise, it will surely show with time because the person won't get anything of what they were expecting.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear miss Tania,

you are quite right, if a person does not anilizar straight what they want and always asking God for a direction, because what good I will do if I use the emotion? anything because I can with a bad attitude "destroy" my ministry as also that of another person who is next.

I am sure that this series "Chosen for the altar" helped many girls in his decision and now we'll go ahead no matter where we serve God, the important is always to give our best and more for Him, our objective is to dream Gods’ dreams and so won many souls for our Lord Jesus

Thank you

God bless you more and more

Anonymous said...

wow this very strong and true yes i have to be 110percent sure if iwant to serve God for my whole life like leave my family jobs and friends is hard but thought about it and i just have leave everytning in the hands of God will protect my love ines and everything will be fine i desire is souls i love to search for souls is like i call them like there my family amd is something very special to me.thank you for posting this i learned Ya Senora Tania God bless you.jennifer nunez Hialeah Fl

Tamika Hancock said...

it`s so true Mrs. Tania,

i really like this Blog and have found it helpful, this is because it is showing us beforehand what a life on the Alter of God is like, that i must be dead to what i want to do, and realise that i am only an instrument, and that's to serve. it reminds me of a time when we had a night vigil, it was 12midnight and the Bishop was just about to make a prayer for us to participate in the Lord's supper. as i was getting ready for it, i was called to be in the CBC with the children as there was a great need. I really wanted to participate in the church but i said you know what God, i am going to go and serve you. from that moment i understood, i go wherever God wants, me.

Tamika Hancock - UK

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Tania,
I think it takes a lot of courage and strength to serve on the Alter of God, having to leave everything behind is not easy especially family, but knowing that you are doing it for a greater Purpose makes it all worth it in the end I guess, I admire every Man and Woman of God who left everything to follow the plans and Will of God.
Puleng Ngoato (Brixton UK)

gracinda said...

This series really helped me alot . We can not Make our decision based in imotion , serving in the altar is a big sacrifice . We must leave all behind , and never look back. It's not easy however we need to see what is the will of God in our life. Thank you Holy Spirit for using miss Tania to write such a helpful series I will also get the book

aurora marin said...

Wow this series really helped me alot. What really caught my attention was that be need to Be honest. Not being sincere impedes a person from being chosen from God, because he searches the mind and the heart and knows our true intentions to everything we do. If there is a personal dream or goal, then the person is serving herself and not God. Im willing to serve I know its not easy But God is with me.

mancilla_catherine said...

Surrendering one's will to do God's is will, is always rewarding. Doing the work of God, never has been and never will be easy, but one thing that is for sure: God honoring our dedication.

Jennifer said...

I really do admire the pastors and their wives for the decision they have made to lost their life to serve God. Being on the altar you cannot decide to visit your friends or family when you want, or go and have a break when you want. They have lost their life completely to serve God full time. They will certainly face big chellenges and of course learn new languages, etc. However,God does honour and bless them.

Jennifer said...

I admire the pastors and their wives for the decision they have made to serve God full time, completely losing their life. They know they will face challenges, have to learn new languages, etc, but God does take care of them, honour and bless them.

dorah molelekwa said...

good day Mrs Tania..I went through this I saw myself not worth I took time to be an assistant so the is no way that God can use me ..but I said to God let your will be done after that my journey I's in God's hands..

puleng ndlovu said...

Dear Mrs Tania
I had that experience of working in Malawi,it was not easy as I am from S.A and it was my first time to leave my country but that experience helped me to be more depended to God I thank God for that opportunity to thought me what is the work of God,what is to really love souls
With love

Eunice Nkalankala said...

Dear Mrs Tania
Total surrender is something that nobody can do or decide for us, it must come from us. The work of God is a blessing for those who surrendered all, because when the difficult moments come we turn it into a blessing and we take the opportunity to gain more souls for our Lord Jesus.
I am Angolan, married in Namibia, currently working in South Africa….. Throughout the years we went through many difficult moments but the love for the souls keep increasing…..
Thank you so much for this blessed series, cant wait to have the book.
With faith and love,

Ingrid Peu said...

Dear Mrs Tania
It is the way we have dedicated our lives to God that really counts when we face challenges on our path. And for sure if we had really surrendered our lives to Him and having the love of the souls we will always have a pleasure of working under any environment.

Thank you

Paraffin Irene said...

Dear Mrs Tania

Those chosen for the altar they have the spirit of surrendering to the will of God because they love God and everything about him, " what shall separate us from the love of Christ, shall tribulations, or distress, or persecutions, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

Cecilia Mametse said...

Those who wants to serve God on the altar must surrender their future,dreams,life and all in the hands of God because they will mo longer be in charge of their lives,they will live to do the will of God and live according to the plan of God and their main focus will be saving souls.

vania Rodrigues said...

Dear Mrs.Tania.
I have lived this experience to serve God at the altar almost ten years and these almost ten years is out of my country.
Not regret because my life is one hundred percent in the hands of God, I live to serve God.
No matter the country, here I am to serve until my last breath.

Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

Dear Mrs Tania,

After reading this series i understood clearly what i read in your book chosen for the altar. i never taught i had the capacity to serve as an assistant i felt i will be the youngest, what do i have to pass across, your blog and book helped me surrender fully to God and i had to let Him do things in His way. it really about the intention of ones heart. Thanks a million times Mrs Tania and a very big hug to you. kisses

Susana Shivute said...

This post was especially posted for me, fight in myself weather to go on the alter or not and i would be afraid of not making it on the alter because of what people would say, but its not about what people say but about total surrender to do the work of God anywhere, anytime and with no limits.

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