Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Things that husbands do that wives don’t like:

  1. Not hug her when he gets home
  2. Not ask her how she feels or how her day was
  3. Never surprise her with flowers unless it’s a special occasions
  4. Never admire her looks or acknowledge her esthetic change
  5. Doesn’t let you know when he will be home late
  6. When she wants to talk and the husband continues watching television and or reading the newspaper, without giving her any attention.
  7. When he isn’t affectionate, never giving his wife hugs or kisses
  8. When he isn’t patient while she is trying to express her feelings
  9. He never says “I love you”
  10. When he takes a shower and leaves everything wet
  11. When he never admires her efforts as a wife and her dedication to the family
  12. When he leaves the house without saying good-bye
  13. When he never offers to help with the repairs needed in the house
  14. When he isn’t a gentleman and lets her carry all the bags by herself
  15. When he compares her to other women
  16. When he isn’t responsible
  17. Always being in a bad mood
  18. When he says that his moms’ cooking was much better
  19. When he changes his wife’s company for his friends company
  20. Always forgetting important dates like birthdays and anniversaries
  21. Leaving everything unorganized around their room.


Raisa Veras said...

This is True.

Heidy said...

I do like this post.!!!

Anonymous said...

This should be a manual for every couple.

elisa said...

Hi Mrs Tania
Thank you so much for this post ,well read and i will print it and keep it behind my bedroom door so we can read it all the time.


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