Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How to organize your shoe collection

There is nothing more annoying than a messy closet or a bunch of shoes and sandals all bundled up.
You are ready to go out but you can’t find the shoes that you wanted to wear. A bunch of shoes all unorganized can be a pain and could damage your sandals and peep toes. The follow tips can help you to get your shoe collection looking better.
Make an inventory of your shoes: This is the first step to organizing anything, but above all your shoe collection; it’s to know how many shoes you have. Take them all out of the closet. This step might sound exhausting (depending on how many pairs of shoes you have) but this will allow you to know exactly how many shoes and sandals you have and the space you have to keep them in order. Place them all in a line and classify them by type (Boots, sandals, peep toes, etc.)
Donate the shoes you don’t want anymore- now is the time to be more aggressive. How often do you really use that show? Is it time to donate it?
We know that this can be difficult. So if you’re not ready to let go of those pumps that you’ve only used 2 or 3 times, but you still really love them, then try to keep them in a place that is less accessible, don’t put them away in the main part of your closet.
Organize the rest of the shoes – Classify the rest of the shoes with the frequency that you use them and put them away in groups. Put the shoes you use the most in the front. If the space is small don’t squish or pile the shoes.
Try to maximize the space available in your closet. If your space is small to organize the shoes, try using a shoe stand outside of your closet or utilize cloth bags to store them.
Advice: after using a those heels you love so much, clean them and put them back in the same place!
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ellie said...

I don't have too many shoes but I try to keep them organized. An organized closet is helpful.

Anonymous said...

I am going to donate some asp. I seem not able to let go of shoes LOl


Anonymous said...

I need to organize my shoe and donate the ones I don't need, I have to let go of some shoes.

Anonymous said...

never noticed how important it was to organise my shoes but indeed it saves all time that I waste when looking for my shoes.

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