Friday, 17 December 2010

I returned - part 3

(Continuation and Final Part of my sister’s testimony)

We gathered courage and we went to church one Sunday morning, after the service I felt as if God were saying to me: “ you came back to the right place and I will never allow you guys to leave again and the glory of the second house will be larger then the first.”

We began to attend the meetings and everything was renewed in our hearts rapidly, God had completely erased our past, our objective was for God to restore everything we had lost. And finally it began to happen. The desire to serve God again was born in our hearts and we longed to be raised in His work. Now with our interior restored, we gave in the hands of God our dream to have a child, even this pain God had cured, and our love for Him wasn’t any longer subjective to what He gave us.

In July 2009, in the Campaign of Israel we sacrificed everything for our dream and what was impossible became possible, after 13 years of marriage I became pregnant, I made my vow in June 2009 and I was pregnant in October, and in June 2010 my son was born.

Our God is marvelous He never fails!

We should conquer financially because it’s our right and it’s our inheritance, but never place that blessing in first place. Never, under any circumstance should we abandon God or the church, because it’s much easier to rise inside of the church then outside.


I give thanks to my beloved God, who never gave up on us and I want to say that He can always count on us to bring forth His plans we are here for that.

To my lovely sister Tania, who never stopped praying for us and who never doubted we’d one day return. Even though that in the moment she left to do the Work of God, I did not approve, because I saw her departure as very painful, she never gave up on her decision to leave it all for the Lord. Now I understand you perfectly and I am ready to do whatever God asks of me, you were a great example for me and you still are. I love you my lovely sister! You are a precious pearl, your essence attracts me to you, you are beautiful on the outside, but much more on the inside.

To our married coupled friend, used by God in the right time, may God bless you abundantly.

Today with 15 years of marriage and a blessed marriage I want to thank my husband who attracts me so much because of his complete devotion to God. A true Man of God who never abandoned me, instead he maintained his fire for me and he never stopped loving God, his soul called out for God and he loved him.

To my mother and my in-laws, who had left the church but today are all back, after having passed through a re-encounter with God, just like us.

And to add to my happiness, my brother-in-law who had been absent for many years this month returned to God.

God is restoring and renewing, he is putting things back in their place because He is a God of order.

To the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God for the strength, audacity and perseverance that the church has that take us to reach God’s heart. Now I understand, that with all of this God has molded our character, he has taken us to a deeper level of intimacy with Him, he has showed us true humbleness and that nothing can separate us from His great love.

God bless you all!


Anonymous said...

This is so true, nothing can separate us from the love of God, and you are truly an example of God love.
thank you for this. Never under an circumstances should we ever leave the church or God!
Magdelina, australia

Miss Pinheiro said...

If we turn to Him, He will return to us... There is nothing impossible for Him, it only depend on us to use the weapon He give us that is faith or not. God's reaction depend on our action first.
Tks for sharing.

Tania said...

how great! God never fails and He always takes us back, no matter or failures, or mistakes, our flaws, He is always willing to tak us back. The same way, we must always be willing to be used by Him no matter the situation or the time.

.::suLma::. said...

The same way God accepts us back not matter what we've done is the same way we should treat others. He is there with us every moment of our lives and if we think He's not, then the devil is obviously deceiving us. I'm very happy for your new son as well :]

Derlin said...

Thank you for that wonderful testimony.

Raisa Veras said...

What a beautiful testimony. One more example that if we really give ourselves to the Lord, he will always take care of us. Even in the moments where we are so far from him, He still loves us. God is so great!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

thanks a wonderfull testimony that I will never forget It am so impressed to how much God loves us but saometimes we tend to forget this.....the great thing s tat we have a GOD who will neer letus forget it!

Maria said...

Thank you for sharing.

Edith said...

God is love, and so very merciful :)

Erika said...

Thanks for sharing! Very true God has an enormous endless love for us.

Charlotte said...

Reading this testimony was really encouraging as when I read it I remember thinkg to myself how God never gives up on us, how He is always willing and ready to receive us back into His arms. Sometimes we think because of the wrong things we may have done that God has rejected us or He no longer wants us, and this is the feelings that the devil wants us to entertain in our minds so that we are bombarded by guilt, but when we fight against what we feel, and do what our faith requires of us God will certainly help us. After all God said that He makes all things new.I strongly believe in that.

Anonymous said...

to God be the glory, my family will be restored, in Jesus name. Pastor said to me one day you can run but you can't hide. God chose you to serve him, and yes I have submitted.

Buhle said...

Good day

I realize that this is a very old post but I needed to comment on the testimony of God’s unconditional and unfailing love, His always there waiting for us to answer to His call and may He be praised for all the souls that returned.

Going through this testimony, I realised that God needed someone who would keep praying for you and Mrs Tania was the person. There are so many servants who have family members that left the church for whatever reason and sometimes talking to them is really hard because they have answers to everything, but this testimony has taught me that fervent prayers along with sacrifices bring results, even though it may take some time and may seem as though things are getting worse, we should always keep faith by believing that God is at work.

Thank you so much for sharing, may God continue to bless you and your family.

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