Friday, 26 November 2010

When God chooses your other half 4:

My name is Verlaine, when I came to the church I had already been dating a young man for four years. We had lots of problems because he was very jealous to the point of having people follow me!
So I began to fight for him, I wanted him to change and for him to live my same faith that I was learning about. I thought it’d be easy, because his sister was an assistant. But it wasn’t, the more I fought for him the worse things got. Until one day he told me to choose between him and the church.
Without thinking it twice I told him that I didn’t choose him or the church, but I did choose to follow Jesus. So we broke things off and I held on to my faith and began to seek for me.
But that wasn’t easy either. When I decided to give my life to God truly, a young man showed up at church, he claimed to be converted, he was always there and said he like me, but the pastor said it wouldn’t be good for my spiritual life, he said it was a trap to push me away from God. And he was very right, it wasn’t long before he caused a problem in the church and abandoned Jesus.
I decided to leave my love life in the hands of God and instead dedicate myself to the things of God. I was raised as an assistant and I began to help in the youth group. It was then that I met my husband. He was a helper and he began to take care of the youth group, there we became really good friends.
After a year he began to do the work of God on the altar and it was then that we realized we were in love. We placed everything in the hands of God because he too had suffered in his love life in the past. After a few years, God honored our sacrifice and today here we are winning souls for the Kingdom of God.
Five advice: if your are dating someone who doesn’t practice your same faith and he doesn’t want to follow God, then think carefully before taking such a big step as marriage. Because later there isn’t a way back or out, make a choice now.


Cindy Flores_Manila said...

Hello Mrs. Tania,

Thank you for sharing this testimony. I agree here, we have to surrender our love life to the Lord, even our everything. Satan will not rest to set traps for us to fall and give up our faith. Bu then, we have to be use our intelligent faith to overcome everything.

Thank you so much coz this add my inspiration to wait on the Lord.

God bless.

Cindy from Manila

ellie said...

This is the downfall of many who think love is the only answer to everything and rush into relationships that are not right for them at the moment. Thank you, these posts give me patience to wait for the right time.

Wiznelly said...

Having someone that is not in the same faith as you is a stone in your path with a God aswell as any guy in the church who thinks he serves God but in the end lives his presecence that is why sra. i am glad you decided to live your sentimental life in Gods hands because you seeked God and always when god knows that we are prepared to be in a relationship he shows and ofcourse is to glorify his name through out it
;-) reading your testimony helps to seek more for God and enjoy being in a relationship with god before he himself decided to give us our other half. Thanks sra. Godbless xo.. ;-) (Wiznelly Suazo Alto Manhattan New York)

Anonymous said...

We have to be careful and wait for God and listen to his voice when he speaks. Sometimes we want to make our own decisions, but we have to trust in God. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This advice is very important. if you are dating or if you decide to marry someone who has not the same faith and the same objectives, the devil can use this person to pull you away from God. I know what I'm talking about... We have to open our eyes and don't be blind by our feeling .

ms guni,england said...

I have lost my friends in the faith through love life satan uses this weapon to kill and destroy your salvation.

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