Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Women of the Bible in real times; Ruth and Naomi, testimony

It seemed like happy times in Moab , Naomi had her husband, her two sons and her two daughter-in-laws.
All of a sudden, death came knocking at her door, she lost her husband and later her two sons, from a single moment to another, she was alone and desolate. Imagine the suffering of this wife and mother, the only thing she had left were her two daughter-in-laws.
Naomi insisted that Orpah and Ruth go back to their parents’ house, because she was going back to Bethlehem, her hometown. Orpah returned to her family but Ruth chose to follow her mother-in-law and her God.
What could Ruth have seen in Naomi that would make her want to leave her family and city to follow her?
I’m sure not even Ruth could explain it, but we know exactly what it was; it was Naomi’s faith in the God of Israel. Ruth saw something different in her mother-in-law that captivated her and she enjoyed being close to her. Without a doubt she wasn’t an authoritative or impertinent woman, her testimony conquered Ruth’s love for now Ruth considered her a mother.
With that they left for their journey, trusting and finding refuge in Gods’ arms, whom blessed both of them. Naomi had Ruth to take care of her, for she was older in age and she couldn’t work. Ruth married a man of God and was very happy. Ruth had kids; imagine Naomi’s happiness of being a grandmother, carrying a baby in her arms. Ruth was David’s’ great grandmother, of whom is in lineage with our Lord Jesus Christ.
It’s not easy to deal with feelings like this; loosing a loved one, a drastic change in your life, the feeling of loneliness, unprotected and abandoned, when it’s time to take a decision millions of thoughts cross our mind; the fear of the unknown overwhelms us.
It seems like the person is lost. But, who has never been through something like this?
All of us have, but what helps us to not stay stuck in time is the unconditional love God has for us which cures all wounds and motivates us to keep going.
When we think all is lost, God shows us the light at the end of the tunnel.


Lerato Mkhwanazi said...

Mrs.Tania, I am glad to say that I too have experienced the unconditional love of God. This is a love beyond human understanding. When everything and everyone around you says "No, you cannot", His love is always there saying "Yes, you can".His love is everlasting and unfailing.

Jennifer V said...

One’s character and attitude can have a positive or negative impact on someone. I believe we should all strive to be like Naomi. Thank you very much the Message Mrs

lodhankelly lodhankelly said...
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