Thursday, 26 August 2010

Women of the Bible in real times; Delilah, seduction

Delilah captivated Samson with her beauty and charm. She was the kind of women who had to get what she wanted, even if she had to be a drama queen or cry all week.
A seductive woman has her methods; she’s insistent, provocative and an instigator. Delilah charmed and persuaded, she pouted and made demands. With her ability to manipulate and seduce she discovered her husbands’ secret and handed her husband over to his enemies in exchange for money with not a single remorse. In the end, this was her plan from the beginning.
Samson should have never married with a foreign woman, meaning, not of the same faith. Rushing into things took him to destruction, marring quickly just because of the physical attraction is a risky and dangerous thing.
Unfortunately now a days we also see this happen and sometimes some of the women who are in church, are there only with the intention of seducing. These women don’t respect compromises and act conscious of their actions and intentionally. They know exactly what they are doing, they know it’s wrong, but they want to take it till the end.
Sensual women use their seduction power to achieve their conniving and ambitious targets without considering at all the Word of God.
Have you heard the phrase “ I don’t care if he’s in a relationship, he’s still not married, I’m going to seduce him until the end, and he will be mine…” Or … “I don’t care if he is married, I’m going to get what I want no matter who I have to step on.”
They always act with ulterior motives, to get rather a man, money, status, a promotion or simply with the pleasure of destroying others.
Of course that the end of this kind of woman is nothing good, because God can’t stand this type of behavior.


Asheto said...

It's sad that people can be like this, especially in the church where we are meant to have the character of christ.

People like this feel as though they are acheiving something but in the end they only end up hurting themselves. For the bible says 'God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap'

Anonymous said...

We need to be careful so for us women don't fall into this same category and fear God.

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