Sunday, 1 August 2010

Wife, act differently!

  1. When your husband makes a mistake don't say " I already knew you were going to do that."
  2. When he says he's sorry, accept his apology and don't continue to nag about what he did time and time again.
  3. Do things for him with love, without complaining and saying : "without me you are no one."
  4. When he comes home, greet him with happiness and give him a hug and a kiss.
  5. Always ask for his opinion so that he knows you value his thoughts and don't try to resolve everything your way.
  6. Ask him how he feels.
  7. After a long day at work he comes home tired, serve him with joy and have an exquisite meal prepared for him.
  8. Give him a kiss always before he leaves.
  9. Laugh at his jokes.
  10. Thank him when he does something nice for you.
  11. Organize your time so that you can share time together.
  12. Every now and then go out with him alone.
  13. Let him know that you missed him while he wasn't home.
  14. Participate with him in things he likes to do and ones that he enjoys.


lirys bueno(miami) said...

i think this is a very interesting article to those women who are married and want to have a bless marriage in God
Lirys Bueno(miami)

Nokuthula Jean said...

Thanks for all your advise! Pearls of wisdom :-)
Practical and valuable advise.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this will be really helpful. We women have to be wise.

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