Monday, 26 July 2010

Make-up Mistakes: flee from them! - Part 2

Right way
: Faces with oval shape require more blush on your cheeks. Round shape faces require apply it in a line in the direction of your mouth. It's enough to apply a couple strokes, always from the inside of your face out.
As for colors, pinks look good on fair skin.
Browns, golds, and terracotta tones look good on darker skin.
Wrong way : Applying blush only on your cheeks, no way! Don't abuse the amount of blush to try to give off a healthy look it's not recommended because it can leave marks your cheeks. A tip to avoid this is to shake the brush off a bit before applying the brush with blush directly to your face. This technique eliminates excess blush and lightens the results.
Eye liner and Liquid eye liner
Right way
: the eye liner should be applied directly on the root of your eyelashes. A brown eyeliner leaves your make-up a bit softer. To apply the eyeliner close your eyes naturally without force.
Wrong way : don't apply it inside of your eye, because it makes your eye look smaller. With the liquid eye liner if you just simply pass the brush the line will have flaws.
Right way :
Start from the root and move upward until the tip of your eyelashes.
Wrong way : Avoid apply it horizontally or from side to side to avoid lumps of mascara.
Right way
: This cannot be skipped when doing your make-up.
Wrong way : Be careful in choosing the right color according to your skin color and personality. Balance your look : if your eyes are vibrant soften your lips and vise versa.


Lirys (miami) said...

Really good make up tips.they helped me a lot.thanks...Lirys Bueno(miami)

enna said...

i have a question at what age is best to start wearing anti-aging cremes

Tania Rubim said...

Enna, use anti-aging cremes, so from 30 years

enna said...

okay thank you mrs. tania rubim i wrote you e-mail from the e-mail address you have post here on your blog for some advice.. i really don't want to post those questions here... so thank you if you could answer those questions

mariteszuleta said...

Thank you so much for this very helpful tips and advice Mrs.Tania.

Blessings said...

thank you Ms Tania Rubim for the useful tips :-)

jennifer Virore said...

Practise makes perfect
Thanks for the tips Mrs Tania

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