Saturday, 24 July 2010

Make-up Mistakes: flee from them! - Part 1

Some mistakes when doing your make up can make you look too old and actually point out flaws even more.
Pay attention and do your make-up right!
Right way
: To start off with choose the right shade for your skin tone. It should be a bit lighter than your skin color. If you want to hide the dark circles under your eyes apply a bit of corrector and gently dab it in with your finger, always starting from the bottom and moving up, until you reach your eyelashes.
Wrong way : Only worrying about the dark circles, some women forget about evening out the entire face and put the corrector unevenly. This procedure can make that area be more noticeable and accent the problem even more.
Right way
: Test the color of the base on your forehead. If it disappears and doesn't leave marks on your skin, you can purchase without worrying. When using it cover your entire face, your cheeks, mouth and neck. With the help of a thick and soft brush blend it in really well. Then apply powder, taking the same precautions when applying it.Try purchasing the same color and brand of powder as the liquid base so that it will look even and not two different shades on your face.
Wrong way : Exaggerating gives off an artificial esthetic look, which is the opposite of what we want to do. So, control yourself when wanting to cover marks and dark spots with large quantities of make-up. Opt for using the corrector to hide imperfections and only after apply the base. Another thing : trying the product on your hand is not affective, it must be on the face.
Eye shadow
Right way
: with the light color cover the eye lid, blending the borders. Right after, opt for applying a darker color and illuminating in the outer part of your eye lid, also blending it in.
To guarantee a long wear, before applying the eye shadow and the eye liner apply a bit of liquid base and with a brush softly brush a bit of powder.
Wrong way : Exaggerating takes away from the natural look. Plus it's necessary to choose the right colors according to your skin.
If the clothes you are wearing is white, colors like blue,green or purple combine best.
If your clothes is beige, opt for colors like orange, red or pink.



Silvia Candido said...

Thank you Mrs. Tania, this is always so helpful... :-)

Princess Erika said...

Hi Mrs. Tania!

Thank you so much for sharing this to us Ma'am!
I really learned a lot from this.

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Jevene Hudson said...

Mrs Tania Doesnt the colours depend on skin tone ?

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