Monday, 15 February 2010

Accessories according to your body type

I read these tips and I want to share with you.
If you are petite, avoid:
-Wide belts
-Large pendants
-Large rings
Instead, opt for:
-A thin belt
-A skinny bracelet
-A small pearl pendant
If you are tall and/or of a larger structure, try the opposite, small accessories will only bring up an out of proportion look.
If you carry a couple of extra pounds, or, if you want to hide something:
Avoid accessorizing near that area. For example, if you want to hide your chest, do not put a brooch in that area or if you have a little too much in the stomach zone avoid using wide belts.
If you have thicker legs avoid using bags that hang right at that length.
If your neck is too long:
-You can utilize thicker necklaces; this will favor you.
If on the contrary your neck is too short:
-Utilize longer necklaces, which fall in a “V” shape to amplify that zone.
If your skin is dull and you want to brighten your image:
There is nothing better than using pendants with diamonds and a necklace with light tone colors to brighten your face, try it!!


Sandra Tiseira said...

Thank you Mrs.Tania.... Very helpful....

Marcia Pires said...

Tania, I liked the list so much, can I borrow your post and use here for my ladies? Kisses

Tania Rubim said...

Absolutly yes mrs Marcia. God bless you.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Mrs Tania. My neck is long and I had realised that the thick necklaces enhances the appearance of my neck. However, I can get away with wearing other necklaces. By the way, I have already introduced five of my friends to your blog this week!

Jennifer V said...

Thank you mrs very helpfull

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