Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel (continuation of the article before)

On top of family problems, I had my own torments. I believe that all the problems in my parents’ marriage, made me very insecure. I was very shy, and I didn’t like being the center of attention, much less speak in public.

I had friends at school, but I liked to listen to them more than talk. As I grew up, I began to develop serious issues with my self-esteem. I didn’t like at all, the fact that I was very skinny, I wanted be the like my friends. I remember when we went to P.E class; it was like death for me, changing in front of my friends was very embarrassing.

On top of all this drama, I was always sad; I felt empty inside as if something was missing; and I didn’t have an explanation.

I was a dreamer. I liked to hear music and imagine a life of dreams and fantasy, my charming prince, and the perfect family. To worsen the situation, when I turned 16 years old the doctor diagnosed me with diabetes. This came like a bomb, my parents were desperate and I just cried. I didn’t understand why this was happening to me if I was so young.

Even with all of our problems, my family was united. My parents were always present, my aunts were always close by, we had lots of cousins, but this news seemed to be out of our control, it was serious.

Even though we were religious, we did not have a clue of how to get out of this situation. We did not know anything about faith, anything about God’s word; we were alone with no solution at sight. At that time, a neighbor spoke to my mom about the Universal Church, the church of miracles, she called it. We needed a miracle and badly. There were many things which need to be resolved; the relationship between my parents, my mom being nervous, my sickness, and my sister’s fears; a miracle would do us very good.

We decided to go to church for the first time on a Thursday, I remember from the first day I walked into the church, I felt something different. I felt that God had surrounded me, and this was my place to be. It seemed as if finally I had found whom I had been searching for my entire life, Jesus Christ. I fell in love with him since the first day.

We began to do the chains of prayer and God began to manifest himself in our lives.

My mother was cured, her marriage began to change, my parents in August, will celebrate 37 years of marriage. My sister was liberated, I was cured from the diabetes, and the emptiness that existed inside of me, today, I cannot even remember it, God filled every single space in me; the low self esteem disappeared progressively; I was born again.

Now I can truly dream, my dreams have a foundation, and through my faith, all of them could now become true. I gave myself completely to God, and after about two years in the church, I had an encounter with God; this came to complete my happiness and it made me a different person. Inside of me grew a great desire to help others; I was part of the evangelization group, and later I became a helper.

My desire for the things of God grew each day; I felt the calling to serve on the Altar, nothing of the world interested me, all of my plans were related to the work of God; I could not imagine myself doing anything else.

When I turned 20 years old, I married a marvelous man of God, and I have the privilege of serving God on the altar for 14 years already!

If you are in a dark tunnel with no apparent exit, believe in the Lord, He is your light at the end of the tunnel.


wagner said...

Thank you Mrs.Tania,
this blog is true blessing to me...keep it up.

Claudia U said...

This was a blessing nice story and also a testimony.Thank God for changing life.Thanks Mrs.Tania for sharing your life story.

Nandipha CPT said...

Mrs Tania

Thank you for this message it gives hope to people who might have lost hope when they are faced with a dark tunnel.
God for me has given me an opportunity to see his great blessing I'm out of that tunnel and is his light

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