Monday, 23 October 2017

The story of my life 15 - The work of God and the family

When I was an assistant, the main service on Sunday was at 7:30am. So on Saturday I would leave everything ready. I’d iron my uniform, have my shoes polished, etc. because on Sunday we got up early to go to church. I remember that my dream was to be able to stay in church the whole day, to have lunch there, and stay for the afternoon meetings. However this was not possible. My father demanded that all family members were present on Sunday for lunch. During the week he and my mother did not have lunch at home because of work.
As I said before, I was eighteen at the time, but I lived and depended financially on my parents because I was still going to school. Not because I was older I could disrespect him. After the service we’d hurry home for lunch and then we’d go back to church.

Now imagine if I said, “I am not a child anymore, so I’ll eat in church, anyway!” How do you think my father would react? He would rebuke me and in addition be angry with the church, thinking that the pastor demanded this from me when it was not true. Many have made their family members hate the church because of their bad example. They immediately think that the church is the one who dictates certain rules and makes certain demands. In fact these are decisions that the person makes without thinking she’s giving a bad testimony. So I’d like everyone to think right now, what kind of testimony are you giving to your family members?

Over the years I met several assistants who were tireless regarding the work of God. They served in the meetings, cleaned the church, stayed until late… but at home they were a terrible testimony of the Lord Jesus. They did not respect their parents, did not help with the domestic tasks, and made their homes a hotel. They left early to go to school or work and went back only to sleep; as if they had no responsibility to their home and family.
These attitudes make a big difference. How can we exhale the perfume of Jesus if we do not behave according to His teachings? More than talking, we need to show God to our family members. Many speak, but since their attitudes don’t prove what they say, their family doesn’t believe their words. Others hardly speak, but with their testimony they have drawn their loved ones to their faith.

It is time to review whether you have done what God wants you to do or you’re doing according to your own will. Perhaps many of the problems or persecution that you suffer at home are not your parents' fault as you claim, but are caused by your indifference, lack of attention, lack of care and consideration for them. Be more sensitive to the needs of your parents, respect them, help them, and God will honor you.
Do not try to impose your faith, but show it through your attitudes. Think about it!


ms guni, England uk said...

Thank you even as a grown up I have to keep my home clean too. I have been there where my home was dirty and I had the energy to clean up the church

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