Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mistakes we can make with time

Time can be a great ally if we remain in the faith, as well as a fierce enemy if there is no vigilance from our part. See common mistakes that someone makes, when he/she is no longer in the faith.

·      He/she thinks they know everything
·      In their weakness they complain instead of using their faith
·      They don’t recognize their weaknesses
·      They do not seek help
·      They don’t accept to be rebuke or be taught
·      They feel self-sufficient
·      Believe in their own ability or intelligence, and so they leave God aside
·      They stop depending on God in the smallest details
·      Want to maintain an image of perfection
·      Live by appearance

If by reading this list you realized that you are in this situation, go back to live a pure and genuine faith in the Word of God.
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