Thursday, 9 March 2017

The four certainties for those who desire the work in the Altar

Hello darlings!
Today we are going to talk about the four certainties that those who wish to serve God on the Altar should have. Check each one carefully!
1 – Be sure of the new birth - The encounter with God is primordial. How can someone do a work as spiritual as to win souls, if she/he is carnal and has not experienced the new birth? It is impossible. Whoever is not born of God does not have the spiritual structure to carry out His work, nor to endure the struggles and challenges that lie along the way.
2 – Be sure of the Altar - It is essential to be sure of your calling. The work of God is not an emotion. If you are not sure that God chose you for the Altar, you should not take this step. You should not go to the Altar by an emotion, because it will not sustain you in difficult times, on the opposite, it will make you fall.
3 – Be sure of the person with whom you are going to get married - we always teach that people should observe the person with whom they think about getting married. Many ignore the wrong attitudes they see in their partner such as lack of character, lack of fear of God, and even rudeness and aggressiveness. Later they suffer the consequences of having followed their own heart. If you have doubts do not marry.
4 – Be sure that your intention is pure and right - when there is another intention other than serving the souls, giving yourself without expecting to receive anything in return; then God will not be pleased with you and you will not succeed in the work of God.
Some examples:
·      You want to serve God on the altar because you look at the pastor’s wives, you admire them, and think they have a perfect life
·      Because you think you will have a lifetime of facilities
·      You didn’t have the opportunity to study and see in the church the possibility of being financially well or at least having a stable life
·      You like the auxiliary pastor and want to marry him but not because you want the Altar. You like him and now you want the Altar, when it should be the other way round: you were first called to the Altar and so chose him to marry
·      You like the idea of ​​traveling around the world and getting to know different places
·      You do it to please your parents who dream about it 
Analyze and see: Do you have all these assurances? Or when reading the message did you notice that some points are not well defined in your life? I'd like read your comment.
God bless you all!


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