Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Little Foxes

Hey girls, how are you? Today I want to start with this very interesting verse,  I heard it for the first time when I was very young and I never forgot about it:
 "Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes." Song of Solomon 2:15

You know friends, this week I was meditating on something very strong and important to our lives and I  remembered this verse I heard many years ago, God made me remember it so I can pass it to you. Lately, I have seen that many things we considered wrong, now they have become normal and acceptable. Notice that the verse says that we should "take the little foxes that spoil the vine". Why the little foxes? Because usually people are concerned about the big animals, but they forget that the little foxes can easily enter and destroy the vineyard. And what are these little foxes? They are the white lies, the murmurings, the evil eye, gossip, envy, the desire to do harm to a certain person because you do not agree that she is better than you therefore you speak  badly of her, the TV programs full of things of the devil, the songs with horrible lyrics, the inappropriate things you see on the internet, the laziness to read the Bible, the laziness to pray or to go to church... all these are little foxes that most people neglect and they are exactly what little by little will destroy the vineyard (which is each one of us) until you get to the point of losing the spiritual vision, the holiness and purity and consequently lose your salvation. If you've been following my posts, you will realize that my biggest concern is to show you the tricks of the devil, to open your eyes so you do not lose your salvation and today once again I write to warn you about the little foxes... what little fox you have detected in your life?

Friends, it doesn't  matter if everyone you know is doing the wrong things, what is wrong is wrong and we should not follow. People will always find a way to satisfy their flesh by masking what is wrong as right, as if it is more pleasant to do so than being obedient to God and cut what is bad even if it hurts. The human nature will always seek the way of the waters, in other words, always looking to harmonize their will with the things of God.  That's why they look to those who do wrong and say, if that guy does it, then it is not wrong for me to do it too. But who said that, that guy is worried about the little foxes?

 Dear friends, we don't have to look at anyone's life, we have to be faithful to Jesus, follow His commandments without trying to please our flesh or wanting to mask the wrong as right. What God asks of us is holiness, purity, that we run away from evil so that when He comes for us or when it is our time to go, we can be with our garments clean, for our beloved Savior. What is interesting about this verse above is that the chapter starts talking about the beautiful love that our Beloved Lord has for us and in the middle of the chapter where He expresses this wonderful love, comes this warning. Do you think it is there by chance? No friends, God is perfect and knows that the more we want to please Him, the more the devil will want to deceive us with the little foxes, making us think that there is nothing wrong, it is normal and  everyone does the same... as my mother used to tell us, I tell you: we are not ‘everyone’ lol. Let us watch and take care of our holiness, let's keep our garments  clean, okay? I hope I have alerted you to be very careful with your own lives my flowers.
A big kiss and until next week. Kisses
Juliana Furucho
Translated by: Tatia Oliveira


Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

Yes you have and big thanks to you. I've never read this verse but today i did. It very clear. You hit the nail straight up.

Lerato Maidi said...

good day. Thank you very much for the post, Mrs Juliana. It is often forgotten that sins do not have sizes, or any measures, as we think that some things are not 'too much of a big deal' when others are. This lesson about little foxes made me realise that those small things can build up into something that at the end of the day will end up destroying my spiritual life. So I will not take anything for granted. I will always watch, even the small things, especially the small things because eventually they will grow into a big distraction. Thank you.

Susana Shivute said...

We must guide our holiness, our salvation and keep pure every time. Most of the times we only look at the 'big' sins like stealing and fornication but we forget that sin is sin and bad is bad, big or small. We must always please God with our lives.

Tshedimogo L Kgositladi said...

I think that my current situation is being addressed here for i have been misssing out several church services which means my chain gets broken and that is an advantage to the devil just through a little situation of not having enough transport .But now i am grateful i have been warned so i will get to deal with this more serious

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