Wednesday, 15 June 2016

You won a trip to Disney!

What would you be willing to do to achieve a dream? What if I told you that to get what you want you just need to do one thing:

Let go of that friend you know is not a good influence on you. Or, to stop watching TV for a month; or even change your entire wardrobe to have a more discreet look. What if I told you that in order for your dream to become true, you will need to help your mother every day with the house chores and read a book of 500 pages, would you be willing to comply with what was asked in order to achieve your dream? It could be a trip to Disney or Cancun, own a house or even better a mansion; a new and expensive car; to have financial conditions to study at the best university in the world... you would do anything to pay the price, which is actually not that hard.  I believe that everyone would pay the price because it is not something impossible, but they are silly and easy things to do, aren't they? Imagine, you not watching TV for a month and then receive your own house! Or read a book of 500 pages and help your mother and be able to go to Disney for free! Who would not pay such a price bargain?

Have you realized that when it comes to something visible, tangible and earthly, we pay any price to achieve our goal and we don't even feel like it is difficult to do so? On the contrary, we feel like it is too easy, right? But when it comes to do something for God, to achieve something with a much higher value than any dream we may have, for something spiritual, it seems harder, heavier, impossible to do... Why is that? Because our minds cannot conceive the magnitude of what God has prepared for us in heaven. Our eyes have never seen anything like the beauty and the magnitude of our God and so many people can't sacrifice the least for Him, because they don't understand that yet. Moreover we have the devil to disrupt and make us think that everything is so difficult, that what God asks of us is a very heavy burden. But here is a funny fact,  when you have to wake up early to go to a special trip, there is no tiredness or sadness, but when it is to go to the church, wow, how hard it is to get out of bed!!

The secret friends is to train your mind. Start to imagine how heaven looks like. Imagine God and all of His kingdom. Imagine the angels and the beauty of heavenly things. Imagine what God has prepared for those who truly love Him. Imagine how your life will be in heaven, no pain, no tears,  no suffering, no competitions or comparisons. Imagine God waiting for you with open arms as a father who loves you. Do you think that what God asks of us is so difficult to the point that we can't do? Do you think that our salvation is worth less than a TV show, a change of appearance, a friend or boyfriend? Do you think that reading the Bible, being part of the Fast of Daniel, go to church, get away from the wrong things is so bad that is better to go to Hell and lose the fulfillment of the greatest dream a human being can have? Dear friends,  let's change our way of thinking. When we understand the greatness of God and the true value of our salvation, there is nothing difficult or heavy that is worth more than her. Think about it friends and let us  train our minds to see the great things that God has prepared for the overcomers. The only one who does not want you to conquer the greatest gift we can have is the devil, do not give him a taste for it. Invest in your baptism with the Holy Spirit, this is the only way you will be able to understand how valuable and great is what God has prepared for us. A big kiss to all and until next week.

Meditate on this verse: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)
 Oh, I still want to see your diary  ok? Post the pictures on my page. Kisses
Juliana Furucho

Translated By: Tatia Oliveira


Tshedimogo Lesedi Kgositladi said...

As for me i would not mind to compromise my plans in order to fulfill my family's just in order to have their credit sometimes i even failed my God whilst busy trying to please them.Now i am working to make that my history God is the priority

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