Thursday, 23 June 2016

Touchy people

This week I saw a video from Bishop Renato Cardoso to the Intellimen group, where he spoke about the importance of being strong men, manly and not full of emotions or too touchy. But when I saw the video, I was thinking about us, women, and how this message is for us too.

Nowadays, as the bishop mentions, the world is too effeminate, which leads people to be very emotional and oversensitive. Let's think whether this is a true statement: If someone doesn't say good morning, right away a bad thought pops in: “ Wow, how rude, she doesn't even say good morning, next time I won't say good morning either.”  If someone is called attention for something he/she did wrong, right away you think: “ She didn't have to say it like that, things didn't happen like she said, now I don't like this person.”  “I knew she did not like me that’s why she looks for something to accuse me of.” If someone looks at you a little serious, then you think: “Why did she look at me like that? Am I underdressed? Do I look ugly?  "If a beautiful and well-groomed woman walks by, then you say," Who does she think she is? She thinks she is looking good but she looks ridiculous trying to show off "(actually she feels diminished by her beauty). If someone spreads bad things about you, then you say, "What an injustice, I will go and talk with this person and say how of a liar she is, she will pay for lying on me." And so on. Have you noticed how the emotions in nowadays are on edge? Have you realized that people are becoming more emotional and less strong? And you know who wins in this? Hell. Hell is full of emotional people who did not take control over their emotions.

How many people do you know who left the church because something happened that was not to their liking? They thought that within the Church could not have "certain kind of people", or perhaps went through injustice or were reprimanded in a stronger tone? How many people abandoned their faith just because they allowed their feelings to speak louder? The devil has being using this weapon stronger with every passing day. He discovered the weakness of human beings. And how can we overcome it? Being strong! How? If this person did not speak to you and say good morning, you do it. If your friend betrayed you, pray for her. If someone called your attention, thank God because someone is looking after you. If your friend was blessed, rejoice for her instead of letting the feeling of envy take over your heart. If your friend was lifted as an assistant first than you, be happy for her and believe that your time will come too.

I know that we are a bit more emotional than men, but we have to fight against it everyday if we want to please God and do good to ourselves.  I try to be strong every day. I try to overcome my own feelings. I seek to be strong to keep my salvation intact and not to fall into the devil's trap. The devil will always use this weapon to try to reach you. Remember the tip of the 10 seconds? Well, it serves for this type of problems as well. Whenever you need, stop, think, pray and meditate to see if you are  not being driven by your emotions. And if situations arise that make you want to get out of control, be strong and act otherwise. Let's practice it and for sure we will be stronger women, less emotional and without thinking so much about just ourselves. The secret friends, is to maintain an intimate relationship with God, then He will show us the traps of the devil, He will give us strength to overcome ourselves and He will help us maintain our salvation. Invest in this relationship!

I keep praying for each of you and I am sure that God will do the work in your life. BELIEVE. USE YOUR FAITH and do not doubt, and you will receive the Holy Spirit.
 God bless you abundantly.
A big kiss to all and until next week.
Juliana Furucho

Translated By: Tatia Oliveira


ms guni,england said...

Thank you, l have been through betrayal and humiliation before where a lady claimed I was sleeping with her husband inside the church.
I have never been so humiliated in all my life.
Not the easy at all it can be done and we will rise above all.

Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

Amen and thank you Mrs Tania for this message. Yes that was me you wrote about but the truth is immediately this taughts comes in i go against my pride. It helpful and somtimes you might not be strong enough to go against your pride but when you realise it, ask God for help. Smiles.

Susana Shivute said...

It is so true, us women are more emotional than men and we snap at every little situation. But if we make ourselves stronger and not let emotions lead we will be able to please God with our actions.

Susana Shivute said...

It is so true, us women are more emotional than men and we snap at every little situation. But if we make ourselves stronger and not let emotions lead we will be able to please God with our actions.

Tshedimogo L Kgositladi said...

Emotions can be our greatest enemy and so i learn the tip of being slow to react praying to God about what provokes my emotions.since this always affect me i will practice it from now on

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