Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Your goals, your future

Hey, young lady, you there who are reading this post, may I ask you a small question? How do you see yourself in 10 years? Have you planned your future? Have you set your goals yet?

Not yet? You don't know what you will be doing or where to start?  You have no expectations? You think, I will not be able to do anything in life because Brazil, your country, the world is falling apart? You think that because you were born into a family without a good financial status you are bound to a little job you can find, therefore cannot have a better future? But I will tell you one thing: your future will be much more blessed than you can imagine and I will tell you how to accomplish it.

When I read this verse below, then I remembered each one of you:

"And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions." Joel 2:28

Young men will see visions. What kind of visions? What young men? The young people who receive the Holy Spirit, God will give them goals, directions for their lives, vision of great things, because God is a God of wonders and not of small things. But for that to happen the young men should invest in their spiritual life first. Taking care of their relationship with God, seek with all your strength the Holy Spirit and after receiving Him, don't think that it will be like a magic trick that everything will change. God will give you the visions, but it is up to you, young lady to run after them!
A young lady without vision, without goals, without expectations is like a body without life. A young lady with goals and visions, is full of joy, motivation, hope for a better tomorrow, her strength is what brings life to the world. When an older person looks at young people, he smiles because he sees the joy that shines from them. But a young person without goals, doesn't know where to go, follows everyone, goes with the crowd... doesn't know what to do, doesn't know her future and so it is an easy target for the devil, because he soon takes the opportunity to put his people to deceive and lead that youth astray. See friends that the devil's plans are very different from God's plan.

While the devil wants to take young people to prostitution, to destroy their love life, God wants to bless you with a family. The devil wants to take the young people to a life of addictions, God wants to give them a bright future. The devil wants to take them to parties and clubs, deceiving them with false happiness, God wants to fill you with the Holy Spirit that will give you peace and an everlasting joy. But the decision will always be in your hands.

Which path do you want to follow? Do you want to set your goals or you no longer see a solution for you? Friends, I say yes there is a solution and God wants to fill you with His Spirit so that tomorrow you can be successful and glorify Jesus name. Don't be conformed, don't wait for the years to pass, you are at the best age to project your future, take the chance, seek God's guidance and set goals, determine by faith your future, be sure of your goals and don't let the devil steal the best years of your life, by filling your head with things that will not take you anywhere. Be a young person with the vision of God, be sure of where you want to go and what you want to reach, be determined! So act as a young woman of God. And this is not just for young people, though I am not a 16 years old, I still have my goals and objectives very clear. Who has the Spirit of God, has a youthful spirit and lives so that God's purposes are carried out through her.

May God bless you greatly and until next week.
Juliana Furucho

Translation By: Tatia Oliveira


Anonymous said...

My goals gives me strength to go on,my mistakes are my ladder to success. God's promises are my fuel to keep going on a long winding, bumpy road.His Words are my compass in getting out of wilderness and deserts.
Big thanks for another inspiration!!!!
Geraldine Gayaden of Hongkong

BijouxM said...

This post has come at a time where I am in the middle of fighting for a dream to be realised in my life. Despite the obstacles I face, I must remain determined to accomplish them. It is God Himself who has placed these visions in my mind and He wouldn't give me something I wasn't capable of achieving.
Thank you for this message! God bless!

Keitumetse Molotsana said...

The decision is in my hands, and i choose God's purposes to be carried out through me.I am a young lady who want to achieve great things in my life, and with the path i took, i know that it is what God want in my life(for me to be happy,have peace, and a life that will glorify HIM), and with my input He will make my dreams to come true and i will reach my goals. Thanks you.

Anastacia Masoabi said...

This is so powerful, without goals we have no inspiration, goals are what keeps our faith burning, goals generates the strength in us so that we have a target to keep on going. Without goals we give up at obstacles, we give in to challenges because we have no reason to go on. It is even more wonderful to have God by our side because He will make sure we reach our vision and our dreams are fulfilled. We have such a great God, Hallelujah!!?

Anonymous said...

This is so true l relate this post alot. I used to be addicted to porn and mastubation I tired many to give up but I couldn't because I had a sinful nature which was inside of me. The wrong life I used to live made me want to sleep around.My heart wanted life. But my mind and my reason didn't. God had much patience with me. I decided to let go of the sin that was blocking me from having a relationship with God and blocking mu dreams. I decided to hate the sin and God has given me strength. It wasn't easy but l overcame :)
Now I'm frer. I have confidence of a better tomorrow. It's going to be 9 months in 3 days all the glory belongs to God

Toluu Johnson said...

I pray that this post helps other people to realise that God wants a greater vision for their lives than we want for ourselves. He really does want us to dream dreams !

Kenanao Koboekae said...

From this post I learnt that I should go and prepare for my future, sit down and plan for it as well.

Tshedimogo Lesedi Kgositladi said...

I used to be afraid of the future in a way that sometimes i would note down my plans and dreams but would have some doubt about them so obviously in the past years i hardly reached my plans but am glad that i still walk with God and he motivates me through messages like this one so i look forward to focus and work tirelessly until i get my dreams materialized.

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