Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Crush

Hey girls, how are you? Do you know what Crush means? The school girls know what I am talking about lol and today I will write about the "crushes" of life.

I asked the help of some of our readers to confirm if in Brazil, the meaning of "crush" was the same as it is here in the US. But after all, what is the meaning of "crush"? A Crush is a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable or inappropriate and most of the time that person doesn't know about it. It's that tingly feeling  when he  passes by. It is when you write down the boy’s name in your notebook a thousand times inside a heart. I think you get the idea, right? I believe all of you have been through a situation like this.

I remember as a teenager, in school I also had my "crushes" . The boy who I thought was handsome, I would write his name in my notebook lol but... today I believe this has been one more weapon that the devil use to deceive young people. Why? Because an innocent feeling, soon gives way to imagination and in some cases even to obsession. The devil is not dumb, knowing this girl has feelings towards a boy, then he uses it for the boy to notice her and from there the road to perdition begins. Be with him today and tomorrow another crush toward someone else, you stay with that one and so on, moving from crush to crush . And where is your value? Where is your self love? What about your self respect? You lose it in the process...

Yes, I had my crushes too, but I always knew they were just cute boys from school and that I would NEVER date them because they were not converted, they were not of the same faith and  they could be used by the devil to take me astray. No, I did not have the Holy Spirit at that time, but my parents had already taught me about waiting for the right person and not to give motive to the devil because if I did, I would've fallen unable to get up ever again and for sure go to hell. This fear I always had in me that's why I waited in God to bring me the right person.

Of course, in adolescence we want to experience our first kiss, we want to have someone to "love", we want to be like all the other girls who already have boyfriends, that in this world their lives are upside down.  It's hard to be different, but friends, I tell you one thing: being different is what makes you valuable. If you're like everyone else, you have the same value as everyone. But if you strive to go against the way of this world to please God, then, here on Earth and in Heaven you are priceless, the one that makes a difference. My advice to you today is: Be careful with these "crushes", oh but he is very handsome, you might say… he can be the bait that the devil will use to steal your soul. Do not feed this infatuation, because the devil can even make him be interested in you only to deceive you and make you be like all the other girls. And what do you prefer: to be the one that makes a difference and pleases God or the one who is like everyone else? Do not pay attention to boys who do not have the same faith as you. Wait on God, for sure He has the best for you. And this also applies to single ladies, be careful because the devil uses man from your social circle for instance from your job, especially the ones you showed some interest in, to take you down the same way.  Be wise and run away from sin, just like Joseph did, he fled away from Potiphar’s wife and be assured that God will honour you.

A big kiss to all and until next week.
Juliana Furucho

Translated by: Tatia Oliveira


Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

😊😊 i can't help but smile after reading this. I have bearly finish reading this when i shared it on fb, because i knew it was for me and also for someone out there who does not know this blog. A big thank you Mrs Tania for this message.

Keitumetse Molotsana said...

Thanks Mrs.Tania for sharing this...I embrace this advice...I must not fall in the traps of the devil.

Palesa Faith said...

Mrs Tania reading this post reminds me of what I had went through. There had been someone, who is doing the work of God till today. I admired him for who he was, very true and honest. I could see when he was upset or wasn't well. This year during the month of march of Amandla Ngawe2.0, I remembered him and I didn't know why I was having those memories so I started to pray and mostly this was because of how he does things serving God. This month of may I decided to stop because it nearly seemed like an obsession. This might have been my eyes on the gold and I thank God for opening my eyes before it was too late. Thank you for the post.

Palesa Faith said...
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Toluu Johnson said...

Hi Mrs Tania,
This blog post cannot come at a more convenient time than now as it has been something that has been on my mind. After reading this, I can see that being different is what makes me valuable and I won't allow the devil to work in my life. Thank you Mrs Tania!

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