Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Can I go to parties or nightclubs?

This little question is very common among young people in the Church. At school, there is always a new invitation, there is peer pressure and the shame to say no; the curiosity to know how it feels like, it ends up building up a frustration that ends up being a door for the devil to start sowing his rotten seed in you.

I will answer the question above to help you: Yes, you can go, because it's your life and you do with it whatever you want, but the right question is not whether we can go or not, but rather; will this party bring something good to me? You may say, "Oh, come on there's nothing wrong, it's just a little school party and I know what I can and what I cannot do and of course I will not do anything wrong..." Is it really? I read a news that nowadays in these little parties there are a lot of things going on like: drugs, alcohol, sex with exchange of partners and many horrible and deplorable things happening... No, they are not parties for adults, but for teenagers from 12 to 16 years old!!! And now I ask you a few short questions that I would ask myself when I was a teenager and friends would invite me to parties, funk parties, forrós(a Brazilian tipical dance) lol, etc.

1-    What is the environment of the party? Loud music, lots of dancing, alcoholic drinks, maybe drugs, sex, conversations that do not add anything to your life, sexy clothes, etc.

2-    In such environment, is Jesus really there? Who will be closer to you, by your side, Jesus or the devil? Who is enjoying the party, taking advantage of it and do whatever he wants with the young people?

3-    Do you think that your mind, your conversations, your actions will be with the caution to not displease Jesus or you will be so into the party that you will not even remember Jesus and you will end up acting like everyone else there?

You might say to me: "I can keep a distance from all of this even at the party, I have my own personality and I will say no to whoever offers me something inappropriate."  
Okay, but now think with me: You're dressed all in white, quite clean, and your father asks you to go with him to a coal mine, you will not touch anything, you will just go with him. Then you go in, stay there a few minutes, quietly and both leave the coal mine right after. How do you think your clothes will be, white and clean still?? No friend, you will be all dirty because of the dust from the coal that was in the air. You didn't have to touch anything in order to get dirty. So the same happens to us. God has called us, chosen us and wants to give us a wonderful life, but for that to happen He wants us to maintain pure, in holiness, away from the dirtiness of this world. I look at these parties as doors to let the devil get into your life, for you to obey whatever he suggests, and it is not an environment for those who want to walk with their garments clean. This environment is not the place of a woman of God.

I know that in adolescence and youth years curiosity is sharp, we don't like to feel left out or different, because the world tags being different as a bad thing. But being different to please God is the most honorable thing we can do, how can it be bad? So dear friends, do not let the devil take you to the coal mine, do not be afraid of displeasing the world to keep your garments clean and please Jesus. This phase of your life will pass and when you get to be at my age and look back you will be able to rejoice for being strong, wise and different! And one more tip: being different makes you more valuable, because all that is common and ordinary loses value, but what is rare and different, is of high esteem. Which one do you want to be? Think about it, friends. Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial!
 A big kiss to all and see you next week. Kisses
Juliana Furucho


Palesa Faith said...

Greetings Mrs Juliana

What you're saying is really true. Sometimes we are left behind for loving Jesus, everything outside seems like fun,freedom without boundaries however when growing up they reap what they had sowed. When I tell people I'm single they think I'm lonely because they get a chance to sleep with their boyfriends. I always confess that I'll marry a Man of God.

Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

Dear Mrs Tania,

You are absolutely right. When i started following this example i found it difficult but as time went by and i seeked more of God i found things like this irritating. Friends call me names but i love this new road. You know the things of the devil from afar looks great but when you draw closer to have a bright view you will find it disgusting. Thanks Mrs Tania.

Lesego Molubi said...

Dear Mrs Juliana this is what happened to me 3 weeks ago. I got an invite to my old friend's party. I couldn't go because It didn't feel right for me to mix my new life with the old.

Tshedimogo Lesedi Kgositladi said...

Ohh my this ones has touched me ,I have cousins from my uncle's wife who so love partying and every time they are from there they tell me how it was and amazingly they don't drink which sometimes makes me wonder if I can try it out.But i say thanks to this motivating post I will follow the voice of God that always tells me I will regret if i ever go.

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